Saturday, September 24, 2005

Arthur Online

Enough with the cute kids! Better than photos of me, I assure you.

I worked on my links section, so there are a few good additions for any Lydiard junkies. I found a great site by post-collegiate runner Ryan Hill called Hill Runner. It has great links to training articles, sound advice, and a great section on Arthur Lydiard (that puts this site to shame). Best of all, it has a civilized forum with some great information.

This blog focuses on my efforts to complete Lydiard's training, and much as I spew about his methods, my understanding of his teachings is in its infancy. When Lydiard's "Running to the Top" book and his lecture aren't enough, I can wander into cyberspace and find many people with a much clearer grasp of his teachings. One of the best forum threads I have found about Lydiard is on here and features comments by "Nobby" Hashizume, who worked closely with Arthur Lydiard for 25 years and has to be considered one of the foremost authorities on Lydiard training. Nobby turns up in numerous message board threads when poor souls like me need help interpreting Lydiard's methods, and he has always been gracious and helpful with his advice. After hearing about a problem I was having with morton's neuroma under a toe, he suggested I follow Lydiard's shoe-lacing technique (Arthur designed many shoes in his day). When I said I had trouble following the pictures I had seen of this method, he was kind enough to email me a powerpoint step-by-step guide to get it done. Thank you Nobby!

There are many other good sources of information on Arthur Lydiard online, and I plan to add as many as I can to this blog. Look for more on Nobby and his Five Circles organization, as well as information on other wise folks preaching the Lydiard word. If you know of any good Lydiard links I need to include, please comment or email.

I'm racing an 8K tomorrow, wish me luck on grabbing a $100 gift certificate. Our daughter Haiden has her birthday party afterwards, which will be lots of loud fun.

Training: 8 miles at 7:25 pace with the "Get Moving Tucson" crew. Legs feel fresh, lots of good sleep last night.

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