Friday, September 16, 2005

Running is like blogging?

Here's a pic of Arthur Lydiard in his "mature" days. I'll write more about the man soon, click the Lydiard link on the right to get a bit of biographical information if you can't wait. What's important to me now is somehow running 100 miles or so each week (maybe a little less if I'm racing one day of a given week). Lots of long, steady runs, some up to almost 3 hours at this point.

People on message boards and in real life ask what the point is of running so much, especially when there is no specific speed-work during this phase of training. My answer is simple-the more you do something, the more efficient you get at it, and the less effort you have to expend doing it. As I struggle in a Windows world trying to blog with no experience on my Apple iMac, the same thing happens. I spent a huge amount of time and effort yesterday getting started on this project, but this post is taking much less of each (thankfully). I've found whether it's changing diapers or uploading files via ftp, experience pays.

On a sporting note, great run today. I floated all ten miles, forcing myself to slow down for the last 2 to save myself for a 10k on Sunday.

Training: 10 miles, 8 of them at 6:55 pace.

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