Thursday, September 29, 2005


Running brings out different things in different people. Sometimes it's the inner-competitor, sometimes the inner-philosopher. Lately, it's brought out my inner-400 lb. shut-in. Seriously, I am hungry all the time. Ordinarily this isn't a huge problem for me, I snack throughout the day, and I try to make "good choices" about what I eat (these are my Mother's code-words for diet, making "better choices"). This struggle to control my impulses is usually unwittingly sabotaged by my wife, who is a double-threat, great at cooking and phenomenal at baking.

Cupcakes, brownies and cookies, none of which exist on my "good choice" list, have all arrived and are currently residing in our kitchen. Two of the three were for our daughter's birthday party, and the cookies were a tester batch for a recipe my wife will be using to make even more cookies for an event at my workplace. To make matters worse, my wife isn't touching the cupcakes or cookies, and we are very sparing with the amount of refined sugar we feed our daughter. This leaves me in charge of treat ingestion, and I have been a willing participant.

My self-discipline is all over the map. How is it I can rise at 4:30 a.m., drive to a trail and stumble the first 3 miles of an 18 mile run in the dark in order to get back in time to spend some time with the family before work, but I can't resist pulling open the freezer at 8:45p.m. for one last brownie (yes they are so full of good-stuff that they don't even freeze)? As I lie in bed and start to drift off to sleep, one last thought creeps into my mind...there are still at least 8 more brownies in there.

From what I've read, Lydiard was a fan of whole, organically-grown foods, and warned his athletes to stay away from processed foods as much as possible. White bread was the ultimate no-no, and he worried about kids eating things like popsicles and other foods loaded with additives and preservatives, some of which are carcinogenic. I wonder what he would say to me after watching me devour a cupcake with icing and following up with a cookie chaser.

Training: 18 miles, 7:09 pace. Good run, with about 4 miles at 6:10-6:15 pace.
After reading more of Nobby's hill phase advice, I'll be trying to work more hills in during the next week and a half to get ready for the next phase. Speaking of training, I'm starting to post a log of my training. I'll be adding previous weeks when I get the time. It's also "clickable" under "links".


Tina May said...

Ha--at least you're running it off! I just made a big batch of cupcakes (some evil demon in me made me order the Magnolia Bakery cookbook from Amazon) and I haven't been running (or biking or swimming) in weeks. So, no more complaining about calories--go get yourself a brownie out of the freezer and don't ruin it with silly guilt. Love the pictures--what are you reading in this one? Looks like TV guide but no doubt is a training schedule or experimental poetry.

Andrew said...

I know exactly what you mean. While running high mileage I consume a lot of sweets. It's when I slow down the number of miles that I need to worry. It's hard to break a habit. Try out the website It has a neat calorie counter etc. It's all about the new food pyramid. My basic rule is this: You eat the required number of servings of fruits and vegetables per day you can have anything else you want. The reason being, if you look at the food pyramid, eating the required servings is quite a lot of food (bulk wise - not calorie-wise). Without running, a person wouldn't have any room for sweets after eating so many carrots!

Zeke said...

Hey Mike, I came across your blog on hillrunner. You and I are in the same boat recently - trying to figure out Lydiard. I've written a lot over the last month or so about Ron Daws and his interpretations of Lydiard. If you can find Daws' Running Your Best (I got mine at it's a great book. Actually I saw Nobby mention it somewhere, that's why I bought it.

Speaking of Nobby, it's nice to hear he returned your email. I've been meaning to email him too after reading that same Daniels vs. Lydiard thread on letsrun. Plus he lives in the Twin Cities too, so I thought it'd be nice to introduce myself.

By the way, your name reminds me of Mike Wisowski - Billy Crystals character in Monsters, Inc.

Mike said...

Thanks Tina, the brownies are almost gone but muffins have appeared.

Andrew, I checked out the food pyramid site. 4 cups of vegetables? The morning after 2 cups of broccoli is already interesting enough! Thanks for the tip.

Zeke, great blog, just gave you a link on my sidebar. Good suggestion on the book. Know where I could get "Arthur Lydiard, Master Coach"?

Zeke said...

Mike, thanks for the link, I need to update my links too. The more blogs I surf, the more I end up bookmarking.

I just read "Arthur Lydiard, Master Coach." Through blogging I met Evan (he's linked on my site under "non-running blogs") who's from New Zealand. He loaned me a copy and I just returned it this morning.

If you want to learn more about Arthur and all the crap he went through trying to get his country to sponsor him, it's a good read. If you're looking for training info it's not worth your time.

Flatman said...

Hee hee, "a cookie chaser". Now that's my kind of running diet!