Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tomorrow I Race!

That's Haiden, making cookies for carbo-loading. The day before a race I'm always a little excited and a little nervous. Tomorrow is a 10K that I placed 5th in last year, though it only had 180 runners. The course is not certified and I'm sure it's short, which means a P.R. is out of the question. I've been in Lydiard's base phase for about 6 weeks now, and while he advocates only "aerobic" running, I know I'll be in the red zone for most of the race. Since I haven't done any speed-work, and since this race will be the end of another 100 mile week, I have limited expectations. That being said, I am going to try to win it. I've never won a running race outright, and I probably don't realistically have much of a chance, but I have nothing to lose by trying.

My club, the Southern Arizona Roadrunners , hold a "grand-prix" competition, which is a series of 10 races throughout the year. Runners score points for placings in each race (the better you do, the more points you get). We're half-way through the season and I'm currently leading, so during grand-prix races I'm always a little cautious about going out too fast, blowing up, and wrecking my chances at a good placing. Since this is a "B" race and not part of the competition, I can give it full gas without worrying about the wheels coming off. Depending on who shows up, I may have a chance. Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of the "El Tour 10k Run!"

Training: 8 miles easy along the Rillito River with the "Get Moving Tucson" crew. Ran with Randy, Kyle, Jermaine, Scott and Tia. Worked down from 8 to 7 minute pace, averaging 7:30. Legs feel like I could pop a good race tomorrow.

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