Friday, October 28, 2005

Boy, you're gonna carry that weight

A late start for everyone this morning, as no one in the house stirred until 6:45. Last night Kiera got a haircut late, so I was up until almost 10 catching up on TIVO'd "The Office" and "The Daily Show". We don't watch TV when the kids are awake, so programs tend to stack up. Anyway, after pouring Haiden some cereal and eating my english muffin I got dressed to head out. This was my easy day, as planned for the day before tomorrow's race, and of course Haiden wanted to come along. This means Haiden, green bunny, pink blanket, and portable toilet seat (potty training) all come with in the jogging stroller, and thus begins another muffin run. Eight miles is about Haiden's limit, which is where we kept it, and we were so late in starting that we got the last chocolate muffin at Basha's market with a little less than two miles to go. As expected, Halloween was the discussion topic, and apparently green bunny is going to be dressing up as a cat too, just like Haiden.

I've mentioned the muffin is gigantic, Haiden has a quarter, I have the same, then we bring half home. Today I was getting a bit hungry and contemplated eating the other half, when I remembered another nice surprise from earlier in the morning, when I weighed myself and was down another two pounds. This makes an even ten pounds lost since starting with my Lydiard training, without any sort of regimented diet except for general guidelines like cutting out beer and soda (maybe a soda a week if we're out eating), cutting fried foods, and trying to increase fruits and vegetables while sticking to whole grains. Celebrating this loss by gulping down the rest of the muffin with my daughter watching seemed not to be the thing to do, so we wrapped it up and took it home as usual.

Thankfully, Lydiard doesn't focus on weight much in "Running to the Top", since it is such an individual issue, but he does give several nutritional guidelines. Weight is obviously a difficult and sticky topic, especially for athletes. One article I read recently declared the "ideal" weight for runners as two pounds per inch of height, which seems pretty extreme to me. That would mean 148 pounds for me at 6'2". I'm now twenty pounds over that, and I'd consider myself on the "thinner" side of fit. Yes, less weight is easier to move, but not if you don't have the strength to move it.

Lydiard training is about doing the work, and athletes need fuel to get the work done. Part one is finding the maximum amount of mileage you can tolerate, be it 100 miles or 50, then slowly increasing the speeds of those runs. This kind of training, at least for me, burned off some pounds that could certainly stand to go (some fat and some cycling-specific muscles that just aren't used as much running). Your results may vary, but I think it's safe to say you won't gain weight running the Lydiard way, especially if you take it easy on the 2 pound chocolate muffins.

Training: 8 miles, 1:01:43, 7:43 pace with Haiden in the jog-stroller. A little faster than I would have liked with the race tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Love2Run said...

I'm inspired by your plan of attack with running to the limit. And also nice to be able to eat what you want within limits. Good luck in your race tommorow!


Thomas Sørensen said...

That formula of 2ponds per inch seems quite extreme. That would put me at 152 ponds.

Mike said...

Thanks love2run, go Canada! Thomas, I'm with you on the weight thing. It's just so individual that I think it's dangerous to use tables like that.