Thursday, October 20, 2005

Getting it done...early

Two medical appointments for 4-month-old Finn today, which meant a 4:10 wake up call for the day's 18 miler in order to be home by 7 (in time to go). Today was the first crisp fall morning in Tucson, and as I ran down into the Rillito riverbed I could actually see my breath, which hasn't happened since March. The "rivers" in town are dry about 11 1/2 months of the year, so we've taken to calling them "washes", since most of the water that occasionally fills them is "washed" into them from the streets and foothills north of town after a serious rain. There is a nice 10 mile path along both edges of the river, one side is crushed granite and the other is asphalt. Here the early-morning walkers saunter along while their dogs run in the riverbed below, chasing rabbits and sometimes encountering the many coyotes passing through. It's 6 miles down to the path from the house, so today I ran a total of 6 along the bank and in the bed.

It was a tough morning, just like last Thursday. After 22 miles on Tuesday and a tough 10 mile hill session of Wednesday, Thursday's 18 miles is easily the hardest of the week. Still, I worked through a rough patch from 10-15 miles to finish pretty strong with a final mile at marathon pace. These "rough patches" come around a little more frequently now that hills have been added to the mix, and while I'm suffering through one I remember Nobby Hashizume's advice about the hill phase, "Idealy, the effort should ease now". I'm trying to take his words to heart, but it's hard to ease off the pace and let the times come to me while simultaneously trying to keep up a strong aerobic base. I try to keep in mind the reason for every workout, and recovery is as valid a reason or goal for a workout as any. I just wish it was easier for me to take my own advice.

Training: 18 miles, 2:04:44, 6:56 pace. A little strained in the middle, but finished strong.

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Thomas said...

You're doing 18 miles runs for recovery????