Monday, October 17, 2005

Muffin Run

One down-side to Lydiard's hill phase is that I'm left with only one "easy" day, where I'm not running fairly long or doing hill circuits. During the Conditioning phase, I had 4 days where I was running 12 or fewer miles. I could break any of these days into two loops, and bring my 3-year-old daughter Haiden along with me in the jogging stroller. Now that I'm down to just one day of this, I'm trying hard to bring Haiden with (since she often asks). Running with "H" has only one caveat- a muffin.

As with any trip with kids, there are detours. What was supposed to be a "one-time-thing", or a "special treat" is now mandatory, and that's ok with me. Today we ran 8 miles together, usually it's just 6. With precisely 1.7 miles to go we stop at the Bashas', where they bake mondo chocolate muffins daily. Each time we stop I try to talk her into a different flavor. "How about blueberry this time?" "No, I want chocolate." "What about cranberry? Mommy likes cranberry" (we bring half home). "No, how about CHOCOLATE?" It usually ends there, and today she told the woman at the counter "I'm going for a run with my Daddy", and "I have a baby brother". We sit down, talk about what's going on for the day (she gets to go to the zoo with my wife's Mom's group). I stay home with 4-month old Finn today and hopefully get to overseed the ryegrass for the tiny lawn out back.

Pretty pedestrian, I know, but these are Mondays around here (I work Saturdays so it's the second day of my weekend). There are "champions everywhere", and sometimes when I'm grinding out my long run or struggling through my last hill-repeat I start to feel like one. Some days though, I'm just a Dad going for a run with his daughter, de-thatching the lawn, and holding up his baby son while he drools on my shirt. There's no reason I can't be both.

Training: 8 miles, 1:02:32, 7:48 pace with Haiden in the jogging-stroller.


Andrew said...

You're right. There's no reason you can't be both.

D said...

That is awesome that you push the jog stroller for so long w/your daughter! How much tougher does that make your run? Does your daughter get bored during the run?

Thomas Sørensen said...

Bring the kid to your hill - she will love to see you huffing and puffing on that hill.

By the way - you have been tagged. Go to my blog to see what that means.


Mike said...

Thanks Andrew, and DGC. Running with Haiden slows me down about 30 seconds a mile, and eating some of the muffin probably negates about half of the calories I burn, but we have some good talks. She doesn't get bored, partly because I usually limit her runs to 6 miles. There are lots of dog-walkers out, plenty of birds, some butterflies and some pretty weeds she calls flowers that keep her attention. Thomas, she does like to see me hurting. "Daddy, you're all SWEATY!!" she told me this morning. ...Tagged? Oh geez, I'll try to get to it, but I don't think I'm to 23 posts yet!