Sunday, October 16, 2005

Of Milage and Mileage

Today's post is an apology. For the benefit of the three people who actually read my Lydiard blog, I have changed every misspelled "milage" with the correct "mileage". It was harder to do than today's hill circuits, really. I think I use "mileage" in about every third sentence.

A good day today for running in Tucson, nice and overcast with cool morning temperatures in the 60's. I broke up my usual hill circuit by running up into Sabino Canyon, doing two circuits at the top of the road, then running down to Sabino Mountain for one more circuit. It was a nice way to finish my first of 4 weeks of hill work.

Training: 12 miles, 1:39:32, 8:17 pace. A rolling 4 mile uphill, plus three 5 minute hill repeats. Went easy on the strides today, as my calves need an extra day to recover.
Weekly total: 98 miles in 7 sessions


The Thinking Runner said...

As a kid, I always used to get confused between "ninty" and "ninety". On another note, I'm thinking your marathon time is way off the charts given your half and 10K times. Seems like you should be in the 2:36-2:38 range. Or did you set that time before you started running 100 mpw?

Mike said...

I hope you are right, though my half-marathon was on a downhill course (ran a 1:16:50 or so on a rolling course in March), and the 10K best was probably about a minute short, as the course was not certified. Still, I would love to get under 2:40, and 2:36-2:38 would be fabulous. All of my P.R.'s (except the 10K) were run on 40-70 miles per week. I'd never run more until I started with the Lydiard Method. We'll see how it goes!

Zeke said...

I'm sure more than 3 people are reading your blog. If you're concerned, go to the bottom of my blog and click on the counter. You'll go to a website that'll allow you to add a free counter to your blog.