Tuesday, November 01, 2005

22 miles, now how many mini kit kats can I eat?

So Halloween was a big hit with Haiden, who got to do a little trick or treating on our street. For us it was a bit of a late night, and this morning's 22 miler weighed heavily on my mind.

I mentioned my inner-thigh, specifically my right abductor, was sore after the race. I could really feel it (along with the other one) straining a bit when I was sprinting to the line with John at the race on Saturday. I took the following day's hill work a little easier, running 10 instead of the usual 12 at the end of the week, and I followed up yesterday with an easy 8 miles. It definitely was feeling better, but I was worried about the stress of pounding out 22 miles three days after a hard race effort. I was also a little mad at myself for sprinting at the end, when what I should have done if I really wanted to beat John is drop the pace in the 9th mile (or at least not urge him on to re-join me when he looked to be on the ropes). As soon as I made the gesture, I should have given up on beating him and been content with the possibility of him sprinting at the end. My body just wasn't ready for such a shocking effort over the last 100 meters, and I guess I learned my lesson.

Oh yes, the 22 miler. Since I wasn't sure how I would feel, and since the wind was blowing hard east to west (which meant almost the whole second half of my run would be into the wind with the usual 4 miles of uphill), I decided to go solely by feel and turned my GPS watch to the "settings" screen so I couldn't cheat and see how fast I was going. The first half was a breeze (no pun intended but I was getting blown down the road), and the second half had some predictably rough spots. At the end I turned the watch to the "pace" screen and saw I'd averaged a 6:45 pace, which was another pleasant surprise.

So here I am, with my toughest workout behind me, working through the last of 4 Lydiard hill-phase weeks. The leg is feeling good again, with only a touch of tenderness (though it does hurt when I cough after a run) so I think I dodged a potential bullet. I will again take it a little easy on tomorrow's hill day, to make sure the leg is fine and to try to recover a bit before Thursday's 18 miler. Happy running.

Training: 22 miles, 2:28:36, 6:45 pace. Second half into the wind, a little tired on the uphill 4 miles but finished strong.


Zeke said...

Good thoughts about the race. I would have suggested not sprinting too.

Since "competition" means to seek together, I don't think you should feel bad about encouraging your competition. Who knows, maybe your encouragement helped you both run 30 seconds faster over the last 2 miles. I think it's better to do that than run slower but finish 1 place better (at least in this situation).

Andrew said...

A few kit-kats can't hurt now. Great long run. Your times are coming down.

Mr Carter said...

hey mike, great blog, what kind of gps watch do you use and would you recommend it?
thanx, ty

robtherunner said...

Just call me "Jealous in Bonney Lake." Great job on the mileage. I am curious what your base was before you started the Lydiard program? Any ill effects from the high mileage, or did you run this kind of high mileage before?

robtherunner said...

I just saw your life before Lydiard mileage. Pretty similar to me currently. I average about 51 miles a week for the year with highs in the 80's.

D said...

What a great race you had! Between reading your blog and Zeke's blog, my interest has been truly peaked on the Lydiard method.

Per your comments on my site, I agree w/you that 2 weeks isn't bad ~ I really will force myself to wait until I am pain free because I can see this becoming worse if I prematurely start running again. Thank you for your advice on the inserts!

Mike said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Andrew I am eating kit-kats as we speak, and Zeke while I certainly wouldn't take any credit for John's great finish, I do feel good about our race together.

Ty, I like Carter's blog too, I hope to see you out on the roads in Tucson. Rob, I may have 100 mile weeks, but never a 100 mile day like you!

Speedy recovery DGC, it's a long road, so take care of your vehicle.