Saturday, November 26, 2005

The cough and the crud

I won't call it a cold, I don't want to give it the satisfaction. Five-month-old Finn is over it, but my wife Kiera is currently afflicted and so is 3-year-old Haiden, our daughter. Lots of coughing, I mean LOTS, runny noses, and that yellow crud that needs to come out. I have it, but I won't admit it. My case is much lighter than theirs, though the lack of sleep is exacerbating my symptoms. Haiden woke up four times coughing and crying, and Kiera is coughing enough to keep me on the couch, where I tend to sleep on my side and aggravate my abductor, which is flaring up a bit today. I first felt it in a dry cough on my way up to Phoenix with my brother and his family after the race on Thanksgiving. My windpipe seemed a bit constricted, and it was hard to get a deep breath in, but I blamed it on the race. Now that it's Saturday and the cough and constricted throat are still there, I can't still blame Thursday's effort.

My plan for this week was compromised today, as I thought it might be. Lydiard's schedule had me running two 5k time-trials, along with a day of 3x1 mile repeats. I did the race as one time-trial, and I'm planning on doing 10-12 miles of marathon pace (6:00-6:05) during my 16 miler tomorrow for the other one. The mile repeats were possibly on tap for today (I didn't do them earlier in the week to be fresh for Thursday's race), and I called an audible after a lousy night's sleep and waking up feeling like I was breathing through a straw. I headed out early, figuring that if I started feeling better I could use my GPS watch to do the mile repeats on the road. Well, the throat never really opened up, and it was still pretty dark by 7 miles in so I decided to just relax and enjoy the run. Nobby's words about being careful replayed in my mind, and in hindsight the thought of a race on Thursday, 16 on Friday, 3x1 mile on Saturday and 16 miles w/10-12 marathon pace on Sunday seemed kind of crazy. I probably should have done the repeats earlier in the week, but I wasn't feeling quite up to it then either, which is why I took two easy days before the race.

I'm still hoping to do tomorrow's workout to the desired effect, and hopefully taking it easy today will help make that happen. I know you can't just always push, push, push with your training without expecting the body to eventually push back a bit. I hate backing down and missing my first key workout since I started this blog, but in my mind a hard race and a long marathon-pace effort pretty much equates to the two shorter time-trials and the 3x1 mile repeats...if I keep saying it enough.

Training: 11 miles, 1:20:27, 7:20 pace, aborted 3x1 mile repeats, and right abductor feels pretty sore today


robtherunner said...

I know how you feel about missing a key workout, but our body lets us know when we may be pushing a little too hard and may just need a tad more rest. I think it is pretty impressive that this is the first key workout you have missed since starting the blog. Nice job on the turkey trot as well.

Eric said...

I would call missing the 3x1 a 'tactical retreat'. You risk a lot by not being flexible at this point in your training. Without question, you did the right thing. Great job this week!

Thomas said...

Remember that it's always better to slightly undertrain than to overtrain. You did the right thing by backing off, especially with that cold threatening you,

Mike said...

Of course all three of you are right, and I really do want to feel like I'm still "coming up" when the marathon approaches, instead of heading back down or trying for dear life to hold onto waning fitness. I'll have to make a similar choice in the coming week with the half-marathon.