Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A day off...almost

"Get up in the morning, look in the mirror.
I'm worn as the toothbrush hanging in the stand. My face ain't looking any younger."
-"She's Gone", Hall & Oats

That's about how I'm feeling. Long, long day yesterday, followed by an early morning. Took Finn for his helmet fitting yesterday morning, which went surprisingly quickly. They basically take what looks like a price-scanner at the supermarket and shoot a horizontal laser beam at his head and move it around him at all angles. He's wearing kind of a gauzy hat with his ears poking through two holes. While they "scan" his noggin, a 3-d model of Finn's head "draws" itself on the computer screen. It's fleshy colored, and looks like a very creepy ceramic doll. They end up with a model of his head that is accurate to 1 millimeter. We'll get the helmet in 10 days or so, and he'll have to wear it 23 hours a day.

After work, I drove two hours to Mesa, where I had dinner with my parents, then took my mom to the Hall & Oates show. I spent the night there, got up at 4, then drove back to Tucson this morning. Nothing like sitting in a car and a concert hall for 6 hours or so to really tighten up those muscles after a long run. I was very tempted to pass on the run this morning, but thought better of it since I'll be confined to the house this evening as Kiera has a class. It was now or never, so I did the 8 miles and the 6x200 easy strides on dirt.

I definitely felt better after the run, but then it was right off to work again. I'm short on time today, but I hope to share how I am tackling Lydiard's "track/anaerobic" phase tomorrow. So far the week has started like many, with a long run followed by an easy 8 miler. Tomorrow is my first "time-trial", and while the schedule says 5000 meters, I'm weighing the possibility of making it an even 20 minutes instead. I like the thought of running the time-trials by time so I won't be tempted to track my pace as I do them with my Garmin GPS watch, focusing instead on the effort alone. We'll see how it goes.

I'll end on another Hall & Oates quote. "Baby if we can't solve any problems, then why do we lose so many tears?" Anyone who has found themselves having the same disagreement over and over can relate.

Training: 8 miles, 57:37, 7:12 pace, easy with 6x200 easy strides on dirt. Started rough, but felt good at the end.


tb1 said...

I love your dedication. Too bad I can't say the same.

I'm racing:'
1)New Times 10K
2)Tucson 1/2-marathon (maybe)
3)Maricopa Co. Bar Assc. 5K
4)PF Changs R&R marathon

Mike said...

Wow, we have a pretty similar race schedule. If you're doing the marathon, the Tucson half might be a good tune-up. Due to family commitments I'll miss the 10K, but maybe I'll see you at the half or the marathon. Good luck!

Zeke said...

"Baby if we can't solve any problems, then why do we lose so many tears?"

Well aren't you losing the tears BECAUSE you can't solve the problem? I mean, if you solved it there wouldn't be any reason to cry - unless out of joy.