Saturday, November 12, 2005

Easy Day

Got a good night's sleep, Kiera took care of Finn's feeding and I didn't have to get up until 5:30. No soreness from the 800's yesterday, so I'm a happy guy. I met Scott down on the Rillito for 16 miles. Scott was doing his last 20 miler in preparation for the Tucson marathon, so I met him two miles into his run and left him with two to go. It was quite cool here this morning, maybe 48 degrees or so, but they air was clear and it was a wonderful time to be on a run. We took it fairly easy, and caught up with one another (Scott's new job doesn't allow him to send emails). When I left him to drive back home and get to work we had averaged 7:20, which was a nice pace for me. Tomorrow is another time-trial, and my final hard effort for the week, so a relaxed run today was just what the doctor ordered. I even had enough time for a "special milkshake" (fruit and yogurt smoothie) with Haiden. She ate half of my eggs too, which was fine of course. Just stay away from my waffles!

One thing I have to be aware of is taking it easy on the days I'm not doing track workouts, time trials, or my long run. Lydiard still seems to keep the mileage pretty high during this phase, so I'm trying not to focus on the watch as much on my 16 milers during the week. Hopefully this will keep me fresh for the hard days, like tomorrow.

I decided to skip the New Times 10K tomorrow and do a regular 6 mile time trial instead, mostly because of the travel and time involved. Sunday is my only day off before 10 days straight, and I only had one day off last week too. I'd rather spend the time with the family than travel 2 hours to a race, turn around, and come right back. I'm missing a chance at a personal best on a certified course, but there will be other opportunities I'm sure. Besides, I really need to cut the grass. Have a good weekend.

Training: 16 miles, 1:57:11, 7:20 pace


Love2Run said...

Hi Mike,
I'm really enjoying your journey with Lydiard. We're all 'experiments of one' and it will be fun to see how your's turns out. I'm now in that lovely down time period after a marathon and am considering various training plans. At age 50 I still think that my best years are ahead of me if only I had the right training plan! Good luck,


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Sometimes its hard to pass on a race but heh, if the lawn must be mowed....

Thankfully here the grass is frozen and won't like need need mowing again until April.

tb1 said...

You made the right choice Mike. Family has to fit in somewhere. Anyway, the NEW TIMES 10K had thousands running. You had to be near the front to get some clear pavement. I think the 5K winner came in under 15 minutes. I don't know what the time was for the 10K. Good luck on your track sessions.