Monday, November 14, 2005

A little pain

A little pain, big sister style

For Sunday's 10K time trial I really put myself through the wringer, and while I'm happy I survived I realize that the real work in following Arthur Lydiard's method starts now. There's nothing quite like suffering at your own hands, where a workout becomes as much a test of will as a test of your conditioning. This was one of those workouts.

I had originally planned to do the New Times 10K for this workout, before deciding to skip it to spend some time with the family on what would be my only day off until Thanksgiving. Instead I was left with doing a 10K on my own, at supposedly a 3/4 effort, in the 82 degree afternoon. I used most of my usual 8 mile loop, which has several long rolling hills, so it would be difficult to keep a consistent level of effort. After a two mile warm-up I was off, running into the wind on a false-flat, imagining I was racing against others in order to keep the pace up. My goal of starting at 5:45 pace and working down evaporated as I came to grips with all the ups and downs of the road, and the first mile ticked off in 5:39, followed by a 5:48 second mile. By now I had crested the biggest hill, and the third mile passed in 5:38. At the halfway point I turned around, and headed back up the biggest hill. Mile 4 passed in 5:49, and I seriously thought about pulling the plug and quitting the workout early. I actually started imagining titles for today's blog entry, something like "crash and burn" or "a setback", when I finally crested the hill and got my wheels moving. I joke with my wife about almost quitting every bike race I've done well in, as well as most running races where I've been happy with the result. This was that point, and I had passed it, and I give partial thanks to my blog, where I would have had to explain myself. As it turned out, things improved after this point, and the last 2 miles passed in 5:36 and 5:38.

The total time was 35:13, which is considerably faster than my fastest "certified" 10K best of 35:51. I did run faster at the 10K I won earlier in September, but I think the course was quite short on that one so I can't be sure. I was quite tired afterwards, and after running a two mile cool-down and showering I was still pretty flushed. I felt like I had raced a 10K, which in hindsight probably means I ran it a little too hard. It's difficult for me to figure out what a "3/4 effort" is, and I figured that if I could average 5:37 for a 10 mile race, then averaging 5:41 for a 10K wouldn't be as close to "all out" as it was.

Today's workout was a very early easy 10 miles. I didn't feel as bad as I thought I would after running so hard yesterday afternoon, so that was good.

The rest of Sunday was great, I took Haiden to the zoo and the park, where there was a cyclocross race going on. Haiden really enjoyed watching all the riders on their "tricycles" running over the barricades. We also had a nice lunch out, so it was a pretty good day all around.

Training: Today, 10 miles 1:12:56, 7:15 pace
11/13, 10 miles w/10,000 meter time trial in 35:13, very difficult
Total miles for the week: 92


Scooter said...

I'm inclined to say that you did run it too hard, but it can be tough. If you ran this at a 90-95% effort alone, and getting mixed messages on your success, my hat is off to you. I know I could not have put in that kind of effort in that situation.
I hope you can get Nobby to weigh in on this. I think he would have some good insight. (I don't think the added effort was likely detrimental, except for the likely need for a bit more recovery.

tb1 said...

I'm sure you already know this but a 35:18 would have given you a 14th place finish in the NEW TIMES 10K AND a 2nd in your age group. Keep it going. It sounds to me like you are really getting your body in excellent running condition for your ultimate marathon goal. It sounds like your family really supports you and that is a key componant in your training. My time sucked but I had a GREAT time running the event.

Mike said...

Scooter, thanks for the comments, Nobby actualy emailed me today and he agreed with you! I'm hoping I took it easy enough today for my long run tomorrow.

tb1, I had no idea! My family really is great, but I need to work on getting more of my runs in very early to maximize my time at home. Perhaps I just need to go to bed sooner. I'm glad you had fun at the event, I'll try to make it next year.

Eric said...

Nice job on the TT, Mike. It was cool to see your comment about 'the blog' keeping you honest. I expect mine will do the same for me in the weeks to come. =)

robtherunner said...

I always have a hard time perceiving my actual pace when I am running alone, or even in a race that I do not know the people around me. I would be happy with the 10K effort even if it was a little harder than it was meant to be.