Thursday, November 10, 2005

Running fast...with a family

So after 16 weeks of training, it's time to go fast. I've been doing "strides" and "accelerations", but those were short enough that I wouldn't really call them official "speedwork". So yesterday was my first test, a 5K time-trial run at close to maximum speed. This run is meant as a barometer of where my condition is at the beginning of Arthur Lydiard's track or anaerobic phase. I was planning on running a 3 mile warm-up, then the 5000 meter time-trial, then a 4 mile easy cool-down. Well, things didn't go as planned at all. After getting up to feed Finn at 3am I was tired, and instead of getting out the door before our daughter Haiden got up, we all woke up together at about 7. She was sad she couldn't run with me the day before (my abductor was a little sore so I didn't want to push any extra weight), so she started asking immediately to go for a run with me. I tried to explain that I couldn't take her, with the hard time-trial and all, but that doesn't wash with a 3 year old. So I decided to go an easy 4 miles with her in the morning, then do the effort after work.

Oh yeah, the effort. After work I drove down to the Rillito River trail (the paved part), where I could find a very flat course to run the 5,000 meters. After a two mile warm-up with some strides, I! I decided to go 2.5K out, then turn around and do the reverse for 5K total. After blasting off the line, I started feeling the effort after about a mile. At the halfway point I made an abrupt about-face and raced back towards where I started. I began to tie up at about 2 miles, but I forced myself through the last 1.1 mile, and stopped the clock at 16:50. This was a nice surprise, as my 5K personal best is 16:58, and here I had no one to chase, had already pushed my daughter 4 miles in the morning, and had run the trial in the warm evening instead of the cool morning. The bad news, I had gone out too fast, as my split had me averaging 5:20 for the first half and 5:31 for the second. It was difficult just going out hard like that, without any idea of how fast I was going. I guess that's the point, learning how to pace myself. Even though I wasn't thrilled about doing two workouts yesterday, it was nice to have a run with Haiden, I do hate to see her sad when I leave.

Today was supposed to be the standard 16 miles, but this morning was difficult, as Finn woke up at 4 (just before my alarm was set to go off at 4:30), and Haiden woke up for awhile too coughing (she's caught Finn's cold of course). I fed Finn and put him back down, but I was pretty sure Haiden wouldn't sleep for too much longer. I decided to run 12 by myself, then circle home and pick her up for an easy 4 mile muffin run to make it an even 16. I got back just as she was waking up and got her ready to go, and off we went. "Just one problem", as Haiden would chocolate muffins today! She ended up with a chocolate glazed donut (one won't kill her right?), and we had a nice talk while she ate it. On the way back she announced she "had to go", so I released her from the jogger and she made her first "pit-stop" behind some bushes, just like her old man.

I read in Ron Daws' book that Emil Zapotek, faced with family duties and forced to stay at home instead of doing his long run, put some dirty clothes in the bathtub, filled it with water, and ran in place for two hours. Guess they didn't have baby joggers back then.

Training: 16 miles, 12 at 7:02 pace alone and 4 at 8minute pace with Haiden in the jog-stroller
Yesterday: 4 miles a.m., 31:24, 7:46 pace, 6 miles p.m., including 5K time-trial at 16:50


tb1 said...

We'll miss you at the New Times 10K. This is my first 10K race. I'm 48-years young, 6'4", 205 lbs. I'm shooting for a sub-48 minute time. I'm told this race is the 13th most popular 10K in the US. I'm looking forward to some added adrenaline from the other competitors to reach my goal. I'm not really a runner, but I like to pretend. Hoping to lose 10-15 lbs. for the marathon in January.

I enjoy your posts. Keep it up if you can.

Zeke said...

Mike, great first time trial. Sounds like you learned a lot about your fitness (and pacing).

Nice job fitting in Haiden too. I actually wonder if taking her for an easy AM run didn't actually help your PM time trial.