Saturday, November 05, 2005

Running with friends

If you read this blog often, you've probably realized that I am a creature of habit. Same breakfast, same routes (mostly), same routine. God, how I love a routine. I do about 90% of my running alone in part so I can stick to a routine, and do my workout as planned.

Sometimes though, like today, I'll run with my friend Scott or a small group of people from my club, the Southern Arizona Roadrunners. I had a nice leisurely run with Scott, who was doing a 17 miler in preparation for the Tucson Marathon in December, where I will be running the half in preparation for my marathon in Phoenix in January. Scott is single, a lawyer, a baseball-football-anyball nut, and he is quite funny to boot. I am none of these things, so we complement each other well. We also have very different training philosophies, so we never run out of things to talk and argue about.

Unfortunately, this does mess with my routine. Running with Scott means driving to meet him, leaving later than I would otherwise, and having to drink my coffee and eat my breakfast while showering, shaving, and getting dressed for work. In short, it makes for a crazy morning. Scott, like most creatures, gets Saturdays off so his only concern is getting home in time for kickoff, while I have to go to work. I wouldn't put up with this for a run with anyone but Scott, but I still limit it to once a week or so.

Todays run was a welcome break in a pretty difficult week. My legs have been somewhat dead from the race last weeekend, and perhaps knowing this was my last week in Lydiard's hill phase I have been dragging. Thankfully, Finn only got up once last night, so everyone had a pretty good night's sleep. Next week starts the track/anaerobic phase, which coincides with my work getting busier. I'll be working 6 days next week, then ten days in a row before a day off for Thanksgiving. I'll also be coming in an hour earlier. This next phase will definitely be a challenge on its own, and when I factor in all the additional time I'll be spending at work, it's a little hard to imagine how I will manage it. Where there's a will there is a way though, and I've come to far to turn back now. Wow, two cliches in a row, I must be tired. Last hill workout tomorrow.

Training: 17 miles, 2:08:04, 7:29 pace


robtherunner said...

I do not know how you manage it all either, but I am glad that you do. It gives me hope that I will be able to schedule this kind of mileage beginning in January and keep up with my school, work , and family life as well.

marathena said...

Hey great job on the 17 miler!! You rock!! I completely understand the juggling of schedules, I actually have 3 jobs, but you'd never know it!! I like all of the cliches!! Haha!!

D said...

You are incredibly routine w/your schedule! It is so impressive to think that on top of everything else you do not regularly get uninterrupted sleep each night.

Marc said...

For many years I too was a 'lone wolf' runner - only recently have I found that a runner partner can greatly enhance the experience. And yes, when your running partner is, well, different, it certainly makes it worthwhile.

Wow, good luck with the upcoming juggling act.

Mike said...

Thanks everyone. Rob, it can be done, but it might have to be done in the dark! Good luck. Marathena, I hear you, I think the juggling makes our successes all the more sweet. DGC, you're a mother, you know whatever energy they take away at night they give back to you during the day in spades. Marc, you're right of course, and since I really don't hang out with anyone but my family, I should probably run with people more often.

tb1 said...

Nice pace. I'm a clydesdale and can only dream of that pace for 17-mi. Maybe a 10K though. Stay focused. You will be rewarded in January.