Monday, November 07, 2005

Short weekend

One day off this week, but I tried to make the most of it. Work will be insanely busy for me from now until after Thanksgiving, with a 6 day workweek this time around then 9 days of work straight until one day off for Thanksgiving. I'll be coming in an hour earlier each day until after Thanksgiving too. I have a great job, but it sometimes requires me to suck it up and work a ton. On the plus side, I do get four-day work weeks all summer to compensate, so I can't complain too much.

The hills are done! My last hill workout was Sunday, and it occured without much fanfare. A client rode by on his $5000 Trek bicycle and I encouraged him to ride up the hill while I did one repeat, and after about 50 yards he couldn't turn the gear over and had to head down! I guess I was right when I supposed that some people wouldn't be able to ride up the hill I used for my repeats. I did a little longer cool-down so I could cruise by the junior high track to see how many footsteps equals 200 meters in striders. It turns out it's about 120, which is good to know since my track/anaerobic phase has one day a week with 6x200 easy strides, which I'll try to do on dirt.

After the run Haiden and I took a trip to the nursery to pick out some winter-hardy flowers to plant in some pots for the backyard. H got to pick several different kinds, and I'm amazed at how purpose-driven and decisive she can be. She knows exactly which colors she wants, and later at home she did a great job arranging her choices in the pots. We'll see if they survive the trauma of H's "help". The day ended with a birthday party for one of Haiden's friends, and both H and Finn seemed to enjoy themselves. They served pizza, which helped me fuel up with cheese for this morning's 22 miler. I even enjoyed a beer at home, only the second I've had since Haiden's birthday party 5 weeks ago.

Today's run was much like last week, I once again turned my GPS watch to a "menu" screen so I couldn't see how fast (or slow) I was running, so I could get a better grasp on running by "feel". At a little over 13 miles in I had a nice surprise when a runner in town who has read my blog (I think there are only two of these folks) said hello and introduced himself as he was running the other way. Wow, blogging fame has arrived! This encounter did give me a bit of a boost, and I really tried to concentrate and finish my run strong. The last 3 miles flew by, and I finished about 30 seconds slower than I did the week before when I ran without looking at the pace.

Today Finn gets fitted for his cranial band (helmet) for his plagiocephaly, which should be interesting. I will be on Haiden duty, so while I hope to see the whole process I might have to take Haiden for a walk if it takes too long (luckily there's a cool toy store in the same plaza). Then after work I'll drive 2 hours up to Phoenix to take my mom to a Hall & Oates concert. Yes, you read that right. I never said I was cool folks.

Training: 22 miles, 2:28:52, 6:46 pace. Felt flat in the middle, then great at the end.
Sunday: 11 miles, 1:31:43, 8:20 pace. 4x hill circuits with 3 minute efforts and 3x100 strides. Longer cool-down
Total miles: 96 for week 4 of 4 for my hill phase.


Andrew said...

Way to go finishing the hill phase and good luck on the track!

Flatman said...

"watch out boy, she'll chew you up..."

Hall & Oats...I almost spit out my water on that one. Thanks for the memories! Heh.

Scooter said...

You're obviously a mean man, breaking that cyclists spirit (and making him feel badly about his bike). In the end, it's ALL about the engine.

Mike said...

Andrew, thanks for the kind words as always, I'm looking forward to reading about your adventure with Lydiard too.

Flatman, H&O are still awesome. One of my band's final performances was all Hall & Oates covers!

Scooter, during my bike racing days there was nothing better than passing a guy who's ride cost 5 times what mine did. I guess some things never change.