Monday, November 21, 2005

Thank goodness it's over!!

My week from hell is behind me. Art show week at the gallery where I work demands a great deal of time and effort, as does my running. When the two collide, the results aren't pretty. I'm still slammed at work shipping paintings out, so this will be short and sweet, as I should be packing now.

Friday I worked 14 hours and got to bed at midnight, only to be awoken by Finn an hour later. Then Haiden got up at 4:30 and did not want to go back to sleep. I was supposed to run 16 miles on Saturday, but because I left late I could only get in 11 before getting to work for an 11 hour day, which included the show itself.

Sunday I slept until Haiden got up (Kiera took care of Finn's feeding), and the two of us went on a four mile muffin run so I could catch up with her, since I've been gone so much. Sunday evening was a cruel test, my last 5K time trial of the week. I was so tired I really felt I could barely stand, but I managed to run 7 miles, including the 5K time trial on a hilly course by my house in 17:08. This was almost 20 seconds off my time of last week, but it was a difficult course run under tough circumstances so I'll take it. It was a victory of sorts just to get the run in.

Speaking of victories, 12 hours after my time trial yesterday afternoon I was able to run my 22 miler this morning. Finn got up just as I was getting ready to leave around 5:30, so I stopped to feed him before heading out. I managed a 6:47 pace for the run, but I was getting pretty rubber-legged by the end.

That's it for now, big sigh as I have completed my second Lydiard anaerobic/track phase. I did manage all three speed workouts, though I did compromise by cutting one 16 mile run to 11. I ended up with 90 for the week, and this week I have a 5K Turkey trot on Thanksgiving to look forward to. More later when I have more time, thanks for reading.

Last note: Finn gets his cranial band today, though with the show and such I can't be there for the fitting. This is difficult for me, but I really need to be here to ship 30 pieces or so out today before the holiday weekend. I'll post some pics of him tomorrow I hope.

Training: Today, 22 miles at 6:47 pace, tough at the end
Sunday: 4 mile muffin run with Haiden in the morning, 7 miles with a 17:08 time trial of 5 kilometers in the evening.
Saturday: 11 miles, should have been 16.
Total miles for the week: 90 in 8 sessions


robtherunner said...

Congratulations on getting through a tough week Mike. Keep plowing away.

River Trail Matt said...

Excellent work, Mike. I'm looking forward to racing the T-Day 5k as well, and I'll be rooting for you to run strong.

Andrew said...

Excellent work under stressful conditions! In fact, it's pretty stressful just reading about your training let alone doing it. I think I'll go take a nap now.

brian said...

Congrats Mike. You've given me some inspiration to get out there when I'm tired.

tb1 said...

Good job Mike! The hard stuff is over. Coordination, sharpening, then the R&R marathon. At least you'll be ready. I still have some work to do.

Eric said...

Nice job, Mike. I'll re-read this post next time I'm feeling slammed.

Mike said...

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement. Matt, good luck to you too at the race, I'll look for you. Hopefully my wife and kids will be there to watch and maybe one of us can win a pie or a turkey! I do have a great job for about 10 months of the year, but for a few weeks at a time a few times a year it does get quite crazy.

Thomas said...

You're doing extremely well to combine a stressful week at the job with a strenuous 90 mile week on the road. You'll breeze though the easier weeks now.