Monday, November 28, 2005

This is a test...

Time flies, and I'm now 3 weeks through my 4 weeks of Lydiard anaerobic/track work, and I've finished 19 weeks of training for the January marathon in Pheonix. The past week didn't go completely as planned, with me skipping a track workout, but I'm pretty pleased with how the other two key workouts went. The first was the Turkey Trot, where I placed 10th in the 5K with a 16:48 personal best, and the second was yesterday's 16 miler.

I met up with my friend Lucas on the Rillito River trail at 6:15, about 15 minutes before sunrise. The plan was to run 10-12 miles at marathon pace, which for me is hopefully somewhere between 6:00 and 6:05 pace. This is ambitious, as my best previous marathon had me averaging 6:24 when I ran a 2:47:51 in May of 2004. Still, my race times at other distances, as well as the increase in my mileage makes me think I can hold this, so off we went to find out.

We warmed up for 5 miles, since we were both still pretty cold after 4 miles and the trail is a bit uneven until mile 5. After some water and a gel we started off, and while the first mile felt fast we were right at 6:02 pace. I brought along my Garmin GPS watch, which has a nice "average lap pace" setting where you can track your pace as you accumulate miles. So If you run your first mile at 6:30 and your second mile at 6 even, the watch will say 6:15. This is a great tool for race pace, and while I'm really into trying to "feel" the pace, this gadget keeps me honest. The run went very well, and we ended up going the full 11 miles back home at an average of 6:02. My watch read 66 minutes even, but I think we ran out of road with about .05 to go or so.

One thing I noticed is the amount of concentration it takes to stay on pace at this speed. This will be a difficult pace for me to keep for 26.2, but I like a challenge and my other race times, plus my improved fitness through running more miles lead me to believe I can do it. Sometimes I have second thoughts about posting my goal of breaking 2:40, but it's out there now and all I can do is get as ready as I can do make the attempt. I looked in my log at my training for my last marathon, and I failed a 12 mile race pace attempt at 6:08 pace at 9 miles in. This makes me feel better about yesterday's run, and makes me appreciate keeping a good record of such things. For anyone else following the Lydiard method I encourage you to keep a good log, as you will draw confidence from looking at how much you improve compared to your past years efforts.

As for today's run, well, winter finally hit here in the Old Pueblo. A windy, cold day yesterday turned into a bitter, cold morning today. I was forced to break out the hat, gloves, and long-sleeves as it was 28 degrees out. My winter running wardrobe rules- Under 40 degrees=long sleeves, under 35=long-sleeves and a hat, add gloves for under 30 and add windpants or similar for 25 and under. I think I've worn the pants maybe 5 times ever. Oh yeah, the run. Went 10 miles easy up the hilly road into Sabino Canyon. I'm doing the Tucson half marathon on Sunday, which has a lot of downhill, so I'm re-introducing some easy downhill running into my routine this week in preparation.

Training: 10 miles, 1:13:44, 7:22 pace, easy in Sabino Canyon, very COLD!
Yesterday: 16 miles, 1:45:13, 6:37 pace, w/11 miles at 6:02 pace. Great run
Total for the week, 88 miles in 8 sessions, the least since first week in September


Paul said...


Here is an interesting article on Lorraine Moller in the New Zealand Herald.

Moller Article

BroJoe said...

If you're such a good runner, why don't you scamper down the hill and help me paint my house?

Thomas Sørensen said...

Good to hear that the cold did not stick. And good to hear that you are on target for a BIIIGG PR at the marathon.

Andrew said...

Good comment about the log. I have several logs from the past 3 years floating about. When I run across them it is telling what works and what doesn't. The nicest thing about my log these past few weeks has been the consistency. Great job on the turkey trot by the way!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Neat blog - was pleasantly surprised to find a fellow running Tucsonan blogger, good luck on the Rock'n'Roll marathon!

tb1 said...

I just caught up on your past blogs. Congratulations on your Turkey Trot. You sound like you are right on schedule minus a few minor glitches. All in all I think Thomas is right; you are going to have a fantastic marathon.

I won't be doing the Tucson half on Sunday. There is the Fiesta half here in Scottsdale. It is about 8 mi. from where I live so I won't have to travel and get a room and all. Good Luck on Sunday. I look forward to your blog.

I will add "Finn" to my prayer list.