Wednesday, December 07, 2005


A short post for a short day. I was scheduled for a 2 mile time trial in my first "coordination phase" week, but it didn't quite work out. I got up a little late and headed out for 6 miles in the 32 degree morning, hoping to do the last two as a time trial. Unfortunately, the race this weekend really did take its toll on me, and after one mile at 5:19 I decided to pull the plug. My adductors and quads are still sore, and I was definitely running with a few hitches in my stride. I tried to weigh the benefits of sucking it up and suffering through the second mile with the potential for it to set back my recovery even further, possibly ruining my 15 mile marathon pace effort scheduled for Sunday and my speedwork on Friday. After running slowly for two minutes after the 1 mile effort, I decided to try to turn the run into two 1 mile intervals and took off again. Within a few steps the blisters started acting up and the legs were fighting, so I gave up the ghost and just jogged it in.

Nobby once said in an email that I should "have the courage to take a day off." Well, perhaps that would have been the wiser choice today, but calling the workout early was the best I could do. If I feel well and have the time tonight, I may take Haiden out for a quick muffin run since she couldn't come along today, which made her very upset.

On a happier note, I saw my regular podiatrist and he set me up with new metatarsal pads in my new spenco insoles. I think my blisters were from wear spots on the outsides of the arches of the old ones, so I'm hoping they will relent. I also stopped to buy some blister pads on the way in, which should help for the long run tomorrow. My podiatrist liked my "quick-fix" of turning an old pad upside down and using it on my new neuroma, but while examining my handiwork he had no worries of being put out of business.

Special bonus today, Mike's half-marathon pics.

Training: 6 miles, 42:12, 7:02 pace. Planned on a 2 mile time trial, did one mile in 5:19 and called it off. Still sore.


tb1 said...

After reading "How NOT to recover from a half-marathon" I think you did the right thing today. Humans usually subscribe to the old adage "If something works, then more is better." And it usually isn't. Since you are so close to the race that you really want to perform well in, a little caution is good. Have a great week.

Scooter said...

Dang! Them shorts too long! 'specially for a fast guy!

Mike said...

Thanks tb1, and Scooter, better too long than too-short! Ever since I got "chub run" after my first triathlon in "tri-hotpants" I've played it safe. After all, there are children in the stands!

Love2Run said...

Yup, good idea to not push it, though you still got 6 miles in.

Great finish pics, you literally are flying! Are you checking your watch or punching in victory? And no runners in sight!

Evan said...

You probably don't advice from a slow poke like me, but the old adage of "a day without speedwork for every mile raced has been" was told to me by a NZ Olympian, so it can't be all wrong.

I don't know what Lydiard says on the matter, but Daniels' Running Formula marathon training plans say (in the elite/competitive plan) that if you race a half you should take at least a week before you do anything quicker than marathon pace.

Sub 1:13 should put you on the way to something round 2:35 for the full, so don't leave that 2:35 in the training! Happy running.