Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back to the a.m.

After a late-morning Christmas run with Haiden and two evening runs with the kids down for the night while Kiera was sick, I finally got back on schedule. Today's 16 miler found me a bit groggy. Between running 8 hilly miles late the preceding evening, then having Finn get up at one and again at 5, I have to admit I was not excited about heading out the door at 6:45 this morning. I was so tired last night that by the time I heard Finn crying and made him a bottle, I walked into his room to find Kiera already in there feeding him. Apparently she had heard him, fixed a bottle, changed him, and started feeding him before I even fully woke up. Kiera is definitely feeling better, thank goodness, though both of us could use a little more sleep. I'm sure parents out there understand.

Still, I did the work, putting in the miles along my familiar route that brings me down to the Rillito river path and then back again. I ran easy, and once I got going I started to feel pretty good. Much is written about the "nearly tireless state" that Arthur Lydiard's aerobic training brings about, but it's difficult to understand until you feel it. At about 10 miles in, I was running nice and relaxed, and feeling like I could just keep running at the same pace indefinitely. The risk of doing too much anaerobic training, according to Lydiard, is that you will actually pull down your "conditioning", or aerobic base. I certainly don't think I've been overdoing the fast stuff, especially since I missed one fast workout last week, and today's run left me hopeful that most of my aerobic conditioning is still intact. January 15 will ultimately tell the tale though.

Training: Today, 16 miles, 1:54:12, 7:08 pace
Yeserday p.m., 8 miles, 56:48, 7:06 pace


Anonymous said...

Mike, I looked back at your August schedule: 20 miles at 7:37 pace, and you said it was tough, and now your 22-miler at 6:39 pace is nothing! I gotta say, whether you get your exact goal time or not, your improvement with Lydiard and everyone else who's helped is incredible. Of course, incidentally, Lydiard wouldn't be worth much if you didn't put in the work, so as modest as your blog is, pat yourself on the back a couple times.

I might actually get out to Phoenix to check out Gebrselassie go for the half record, so if that happens I'll cheer for ya.

Mike (inboston)

robtherunner said...

Nice job Mike! What else can I say?
I wish I was healthy enough to start the Lydiard program myself.

Mike said...

Hey Mike, definitely say hi if you make it to Phoenix (they usually announce folks as they get close to the line), Geb's attempt should be awesome if the weather is good. Rob, I hope the new year will be good to you, and that you are back to full gas soon.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Wow, good job on keeping up with the running, even as Finn wakes you up nightly! This week, I called off my early morning run because I knew I just would not be able to wake up for it, now that Ash has decided to wake me up every morning at 5:00 by pounding on the bed...and then keep me awake by doing that every 10 minutes. Whew!