Saturday, December 24, 2005

Celebrate Your Inner Elf...

This was our Christmas card this year, all the credit (including wrangling Haiden and Finn for the photo) goes to Kiera.

Last 22 miler before the marathon this morning. Finn's wake-up call came at 4:45, so I took care of feeding him and headed out a little earlier than planned. I don't really like to hit the Rillito river path until 6:45 or so because it's hard to see in the dark, but I just stepped gingerly for the first 2 miles on the trail (which starts about 6 miles into my run) and soon it was bright enough to see. The weather is still unseasonably warm, though I did opt for long-sleeves in a festive Christmas red. I switched the GPS watch to a screen where I couldn't see my pace and just tried to run strong by feel, and I was happy at the end to see that I managed a 6:39 pace without any straining (maybe just a little on the steeper hills from 16-20). I walked into the house feeling good, but unfortunately Haiden has caught another cold just in time for the holiday, which makes her a bit cranky and irritable (which for some reason makes us all cranky and irritable). Hopefully it's just the sniffles, but having to leave Kiera with both kids on the day before Christmas so I can work was difficult, as Haiden had three complete melt-downs in the hour I was home post-run and pre-work.

I'm looking forward to a short day at the gallery today, then pizza with my brother and his family (a newer tradition around here). They have three kids, and when we add our two to the mix it's always a fair amount of mayhem, which is perfect for Christmas eve. Tomorrow will be even more fun, with Finn celebrating his first Christmas and Haiden now old enough to get excited about the holiday.

I wish you all happy holidays, and here's to a happy new year.

Training: 22 miles, 2:26:20, 6:39 pace


Love2Run said...

What a wonderful picture! They are so cute! Haiden always seems to be happy and having fun. Is he as easy going as he looks? Great job on the long run and have a great Christmas and a new year to remember!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Kudos to Keira!! Love the picture.

Lora said...

ya just wanna pinch all those cheeks!

D said...


Great run! Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas!