Saturday, December 03, 2005

...Heal Thyself

Well, that was a waste of $40 (or $55 if my insurance denies the claim). The sport's doc was really more of a chiropractor, and even though I specifically asked the receptionist if the doctor could make and place a metatarsal pad (to which she said yes and yes), he couldn't. He did videotape me running, and pointed out why I might have developed a neuroma (he agreed that this was the ailment) by noting I strike more mid-foot with my right (newly afflicted) foot, while I crash harder on my heel with the left, and that I push off outside of midline with my right. He did give me some exercises to strengthen the abductor on that side (to fix the push-off issue) and pushed around in my pelvic area when I asked his advice on whether or not I have a sports hernia or something like a stress fracture (he thinks sports hernia). We then argued some about me going to more minimal footwear (I was pumping him for as much advice as I could get in my hour since he could do nothing to help me this weekend, thus I felt a bit cheated). We pretty much left it with him admonishing me for not stretching or strength-training, and saying that I would probably be in the wheelchair division of the local 8K run'n'roll if I stayed on my current path. Nice guy, but I won't be going back.

I took my off-the-shelf metatarsal pad and tried to place it, but it's simply too big and aggressive. I cut it to mirror the shape of the one on my left, shaved it with scissors and razor blades, but still no good. Finally, I took an older pad from my left insole, flipped it over, and used liquid nails to secure it to the right insole to mirror the placement of the one on my left foot. Even though it's technically upside-down, I was able to get the edges adhered pretty well so it has a pretty gradual transition. I tried it this morning and aside from a little numbness in my toes, things seemed fine.

Here's the plan-start the race with the retro-fitted wrong pad and hope for the best. If I start having problems, stop and remove the pad and continue. If I still have problems, stop, chew a hole in my insole where the neuroma is and hope that helps. I'm hoping it doesn't come to this. Wish me luck tomorrow, and have a great weekend.

I want to leave this entry on a positive note: Finn, our 5-month-old boy with the cranial band (helmet) for plagiocephaly has officially "graduated" from physical therapy. He is on track and developing normally in an age-appropriate way, and we are very thankful for all the kind thoughts and wishes our friends, family, and my extended blog-family have extended to us.

Training: 6 miles, 43:43, 7:17 pace. Did a few striders to test the neuroma, feels pretty good. 1/2 marathon tomorrow.


Eric said...

If you need some additional confidence in your shoe hack, add some duct tape. It will defintely keep the edges down without creating any edges of its own. Good luck with the race!

Love2Run said...

Great news about Finn! 5 months old already? He looks so much older and wiser ;-) No advice about shoes except I hope that the race day adrenalin will help you not notice it. Good luck!

Andrew said...

Good luck on the race Mike! I hope the foot doesn't bother you too much.

Johnny Lyons said...

Interesting about the foot and abductor. Since October when I ran a 50 mile and a 50 km, I've had pain in my left ball of foot, upper inner calf, inner knee, lower inner hamstring, and then my right hip & groin/abs. Your stuff sounds possibly similar, did he think the strengthening exercises would help the foot pain or just the push off? I know I've been trying to use my left hip abductor more just to even out the strain in my groin, it's better but not solid yet.

Have a great race Mike! Say hi to the family for Ash, Angie & me.