Saturday, December 17, 2005

Land Speed Record

Fastest muffin run yet today, as Haiden and I got off to a late start. Hard to figure out why...
H: (coming out of her room in a dress) Time to go on a run?
Dad: Sweetie, you have to wear pants and a jacket, it's very cold outside.
H: Noooooo! I want to wear a dress!!!
(Dad pulls out a pair of pants)
H: Nooooo! I want these ones!! These ones!!
(Dad pulls out a pair of long socks)
H: Noooo! I don't like those!!!
And so it goes, from the shirt to the jacket, Haiden fighting every stitch of clothing.

Sound familiar anyone? She's finally in the jogger, then remembers she wants a bag of Cheerios to snack on (we have the "yogurt burst" kind, where one of every ten or so Cheerios is coated with some sugary-strawberry-yogurtish substance). She picks through the bag, eating only these particular O's, leaving the plain ones for me. These end up in my cereal later.

We pass the market at 1.7 miles, so it's another 1.3 until we can turn around and head back to it for a muffin. She of course wants to stop NOW, though I travel on in spite of her protests. We finally turn around, into the warming sun, and make it back to the Bashas' for a chocolate muffin, which has gone up $.19 since our last visit (tied to the oil market?).

From this point dad can do no wrong, and things stay on a good note for the rest of the run. Haiden is excited about her new dance class with Mom, and she's anxious to get back to see her brother before his morning nap. On runs like these, when I'm thinking about her, I often forget I'm even exercising. This was supposed to be an easy recovery run, which I used to do at close to 8 minute pace with her, though I finished today with 6 miles at 7:26 pace. Perhaps I'm in better condition, but more than likely it was the subconscious knowlege that our extended wardrobe tussle left me with 25 minutes to eat, shower, shave, and get out the door for work. Who knows for sure.

Last big time trial at marathon pace tomorrow, wish me luck.

Training: 6 miles, 44:34, 7:26 pace


Scooter said...

Having watched the Let's Run discussion between you and Nobby, I'm intrigued to see what's happened (happening?). Did the plug get pulled? Were you feeling on?

robtherunner said...

Good luck with the time trial. Interesting list below as well.

brian said...

Yeah, it took a while for Puff to get ready this morning to go in the stroller too. I had to get his snack ready, find books t otake with us, put his hat and coat on, put the stroller together, and then find out he needed to be changed. But at least one I got going he had a good time.

Johnny Lyons said...

Sounds very familiar! Ash protests getting ready for a stroller ride almost always. And it is like you said: every piece of clothing, food, toys, seatbelt, anything to stop the inevitable run. We even always go to a playground, but he doesn't want change a comfortable situation. The best I can do is remind him how much fun we always have, and remind myself that this is really not torture to him. I've been doing 25-50 miles a week with him for almost a year now, and it's still a challenge to get him into the stroller. Have fun challenging yourself tomorrow, hopefully it will be a relief to know you'll only have to struggle with "me, myself & I".

Thomas said...

Funnily enough, I never have those kind of arguments with my boys, but all the more often with my daughter. Maybe there's a psychic connection between your daughter and mine - or maybe that's what all young girls are like. Either way, it sounds VERY familiar.

Mike said...

Thanks everyone. Johnny, Haiden is the one begging to go in my case, it's just her "wardrobe considerations" that cause the problem. You're nice to take him to a playground each time, Haiden is lucky to get a muffin! Luckily, Finn is almost old enough for bike rides, so the whole family will soon be pedaling to the park. Scooter, look for a full report tomorrow. The short answers are yes and no, and yes and no.

Gerrit said...

Hi Mike,

I think your blog would be even better for us lurkers and 'Lydiard-marathonrunnerwannabees' (I'm tossing with the idea of running one next Fall based on Lydiard) if you would be able to put the schemes you use (and have electronically available) on this site (e.g. the one of Mark Coughlin you mentioned).

Good luck with your marathon (preparation)!

Mike said...

Gerrit, I wish I could post the schedule, but since it's copyrighted I don't feel comfortable doing it. If you email me I'd be happy to send it to you. If you're thinking of following Lydiard, my "bloglines" on the right of the page has a section of Lydiard-based blogs from other runners doing a similar plan. Best of luck.