Monday, December 12, 2005

Making a list, checking it twice

A few days ago I posted about changing my approach from strictly following my schedule from Lydiard's newest "Running to the Top" to incorporating some of the schedule from an older edition of "Running With Lydiard". I liked that the latter had two 25km time trials, one 20km time trial, and a full marathon time trial, while the former only had one time trial above 10km, which was a 35km trial four weeks out. In combining these schedules, I came up with a compromise; three time trials, one at 11 miles (of a 16 mile run), one at 15 miles (of a 16 mile run), and one at 18-20 miles (of a 22 mile run), plus the half-marathon I ran at 6 weeks out. I did the second of these yesterday, and I'm pleased to report I managed 1:30:15 for the effort, which comes out to 6:01 pace. Two weeks ago I did the 11 miles at 6:02 pace, so I'm trying to zero in on what I'm capable of for the marathon.

So the longer time trial list has been made, and dutifully checked twice. For both of these efforts I brought along the GPS and consciously tried to keep my pace between 6:00 and 6:04 pace, which would land me on the good side of 2:40:00 for the marathon. I think Lydiard (and Nobby Hashizume) would frown on this method, as I didn't really run by feel. However, there is a distinct psychological benefit I feel I get from keeping this pace for these distances, and (maybe this is a holdover from my days training with Pete Pfitzinger's plan) I feel that keeping an even pace throughout is the best way to manage glycogen stores efficiently for the duration of the marathon. For now, I would rather run the second half a little faster on these (with the help of the satellites and GPS) than blow up by going out too fast and crawling home. Also, I'm treating this marathon as a stepping stone for what I hope is a three-year commitment (and hopefully beyond) of following the Lydiard method to get as close to my potential as I can. I'm hoping in the future to be more able to shun the technology and truly run the Lydiard way, but I'm not ready to make my own shoes yet!

So a good weekend for me, and I was beaming after the workout while talking with Lucas (who ran most of it with me along the river path). Between my similar effort at the same pace two weeks ago, the positive half-marathon, and this weekend's great run, I feel like I am still on the way up. This week will be a tap-dance of effort/recovery to keep me fresh for this Sunday's penultimate time trial. I hope to be ready.

Oh, and as far as the blister epidemic goes, thank you again Eric for pounding the duct tape solution home. My left is now fully healed and my right is almost there.

Training: 8 miles, 58:09, 7:16 pace. Tried to go very easy, a little stiff from yesterday
Yesterday: 16 miles, 1:38;47, 6:09 pace overall, 15 miles at 6:01 pace
Total miles for the week: 86 in 7 sessions

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Eric said...

Good news on the blisters, and the blistering marathon pace workout. Great job!