Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mellow morning

Didn't set the alarm this morning, and Finn and Haiden mercifully let us sleep until nearly 6. Haiden remembered my promise of a "muffin run" in the jogging stroller (we run and get a muffin at Bashas', a market here, then run back), so she had that on her mind. After serving her "first breakfast" (she has 2-3 breakfasts these days, but doesn't eat much the rest of the day), we were off into the cold. H was wrapped in a warm hooded sweater and a Sesame Street blanket, and I donned the cap and gloves even though it was probably a solid 40 degrees. I do run slower with her, so I stay cold longer. I was hoping an easy 6 miles wouldn't irritate the blisters, and I was half-right. The left is almost healed and gave me no trouble, but the right one still really smarts, even with neosporin, band-aids, and copious amounts of duct tape. I will survive, though I'm a bit worried about running 15 of 16 miles at marathon pace tomorrow on the blister.

The muffin was good, and we also picked up a box of clementine tangerines (Haiden's favorite), which are in season and on sale. We ate a few with the muffin (to lighten the load on the way home of course), and then headed back. I ran a little fast, but it gave me time to cook up some egg and cheese burritos for the two of us. Haiden had never had this delicacy, and she actually enjoyed it. Finn awoke from his morning nap before I left, and while the rest of the family readied themselves to go to the library I headed off to work. Hope everyone else had as nice a morning.

Training: 6 miles, 44:53, 7:29 pace, with Haidne in the jogging stroller


Eric said...

This is an intervention, Mike! Haha...seriously, though, get your feet fixed up. It should only take a day or two to really get the blister(s) under control, then you can resume your schedule with abandon. Otherwise you risk getting partway into your workouts, feeling great, but having to quit because of your feet.

You're probably sick of me telling you how to doctor your blisters, but here goes...after you pop the blister, there should be no pain. Pain equals friction, which is what caused the blister in the first place. I would nix the band-aids and neosporin. You're keeping the blister moist when it really needs to dry up. Just use a small piece of tissue paper right over the blister, not much bigger than the blister, and then duct tape right over top. The tissue will soak up sweat and fluid from the blister and the tape is like a second skin. If you have synthetic socks, use those as well. Cotton socks caused me problems even with the tape. After the run try to spend as much time as you can barefoot with nothing on the blister to allow it to dry up.

Good luck...

Mike said...

Eric, I'm believing you now. The first day I did what you said, but I used too much tissue and too little duct tape so it didn't hold. Then Kiera gave me the neosporin lecture so I tried that yesterday with band-aids at work, then through the night. When the band-aids were still on this morning I just taped over them, but I think the blister was on a "seam" between two band-aids. Tonight I peel it all off and let it dry out, then try your plan tomorrow. It better work, since it will be a miserable workout if it doesn't! Seriously, thanks for the tips.