Friday, December 30, 2005

My, That Track is Hard!

Sore hips and quads today, I guess I just need to avoid the rock-hard junior high track I ran on yesterday altogether. Today was 14 miles, and while the lungs felt relaxed, the lower half of my body rebelled a bit. I took some different routes today, through Sabino Canyon, out and back on dog-poop trail, and through some nearby neighborhoods. Taking different routes and trying to stay on the dirt on these easy days makes it easier to run a little slower. I've noticed (and mentioned before) how my recovery runs are starting to get faster, which is not always a good thing.

When I got back Haiden wanted a "special milkshake" (fruit smoothie), but Finn was down for his morning nap so I didn't want to break out the blender. Finn was up before I left on the run, and Kiera tried (in vain again) to get some rice cereal and sweet potatoes into him. Haiden attacked "real" food with a vengeance, while Finn isn't interested in it at all. We're trying the tricks suggested to us by friends with kids, which is why we're trying sweet potatoes. we might try the oatmeal cereal next if he keeps gagging on the rice variety. I know we just need to be patient, but as nervous parents it's in our job description to freak out over each little thing.

So business as usual, including a nice 2:30 wake-up call from Finn (his late-night hunger is another reason we're trying to get him on real food). The twinges I've had are in check; the adductor/groin pain isn't even noticeable, except for a little ache after very long runs, and the new neuroma is at bay. At a little over two weeks out now I'm looking forward to the 10 day taper/sharpening Lydiard puts in his schedule, and I'm still wondering just how far to run on Sunday. I'll probably do 22 out of habit, though I might cut it to 18 or 20 if I'm tired from tomorrow's 10K time trial. We don't do anything special to ring in the new year, so hopefully it will be a low-key weekend.

Training: 14 miles, 1:41:19, 7:15 pace


Anonymous said...

Doing a 22 miler out of habit this coming weekend shows that you are not thinking. You are two weeks out! Taper now!

From one who has been there.

Mike said...

Thanks anonymous, point taken! One difficulty I have with Lydiard's training is the abrupt and late drop in volume, where the hard work continues until 10 days out. I have done three 20 milers and seventeen 22 milers over the past 20 weeks, so I'm definitely not still building, but I think Lydiard might handle the taper more appropriately for a 10k runner than a marathoner. That being said, I probably will back off. Feel free to email me from my profile if you would like, I enjoy discussing the pros and cons. Thanks!

D said...

4 mos is still early for food. It's funny how children progress so differently. One day Finn will wake up and decide he loves food! You are impressive. You manage to get all of your training in with such a busy schedule and interrupted sleep. What is the new neuroma about? My orthopod keeps mentioning neuroma as a possible answer to my current issues but it did not show up on an MRI. Happy New Year.

Thomas said...

If Finn really doesn't like his food, maybe you should back off for a week or two and then try again. It might be easier next time round.
As for the running, I'm on anonymous' side (though I would have formulated it in a less insulting manner) and you should cut back. It's better to err on the side of caution than to over train.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

It took Ash till about 8 months before he was really eating more solid food. Even then, he didn't really prefer it. His Nana could get him to eat more than I could (of course, I was his main source of milk....). Sweet potatoes were his favorite. It'll come in time.

Dog-poop trail??

Mike said...

Thanks for the food advice everyone. Finn is 6 months now, but we'll just keep trying and I'm sure he'll come around. DGC, I have a morton's neuroma on both feet between the big and second toe. I don't think they really show up as much on an MRI unless there's a lot of inflammation. In my case metatarsal pads placed a bit behind the pain have nearly erased the problems, but I still get some numbness on occasion. Good luck with your recovery, I hope you will be back in full-force soon.