Friday, December 16, 2005

No Treat Friday

Haiden and a rare "no helmet" Finn moment

Finn was up to his tricks at 3am this morning, but I still got off for my run at a decent hour. I decided to take some different routes, some dirt and some pavement in Sabino Canyon, and through some high-dollar neighborhoods nearby. The goal was to get myself out of the rhythm of running the easy days a little too fast. Even though it feels easy at the time, I know that 7 minute pace is just too fast for me if I want to have a good marathon pace run on Sunday. This tactic worked, as I finished 13 miles at 7:14 pace. This got me back home in time to share a homemade smoothie (or "special milkshake", as Haiden calls it) with my daughter.

I'm thinking quite a bit about Sunday's final big marathon time trial. I've mentioned previously the difficulties I've had making my schedule during the late anaerobic/track phase and early coordination phase of Lydiard training because of the mixed messages I get between the two schedules I'm using as guides. When the subject came up on the Lydiard/Daniels thread on, I posted about the difficulties I was having in choosing how many trials, and how long to do them. Here's a link to page 62 in the thread, where Nobby, Kim Stevenson, Rich Englehart and Mark Coughlin weigh in on the issue. This thread is overflowing with information for those interested in Arthur Lydiard, but this particular page (and the one following it) are probably my favorites so far.

So tomorrow will be a very slow, very easy run to prepare myself, and it will perhaps include Haiden and a muffin. The miles won't be quite as high this week, but I really want this run to be a good simulation for the marathon. I'm even going so far as to stow some water bottles on the course so I won't have to stop to drink along the way. Lucas has expressed an interest in some of the run, so hopefully I will have some company.

Today is also "no treat Friday", at least for me. The last two pounds I lost came back according to the scale this morning, and I'm figuring that Kiera's homemade hawaiian pizza is partially to blame, but the recent influx of tasty treats (mostly chocolate) sent to the gallery where I work are the true cause. So today the big Kirkland brands tin of chocolate-wafer-cookie-thingies at the top of the stairs to the office, the open chocolate covered caramel apple, the homemade fudge and the various other assorted candies will be off limits. The will-power to execute this day successfully rivals that of the pending time trial on Sunday. ...Actually, staying off the sweets is probably more difficult.

Training: 13 miles, 1:34:09, 7:14 pace. Felt good, quads a little sore from the accelerations yesterday perhaps.

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