Thursday, December 08, 2005

These Damn Feet

Zoo lights with Haiden, who didn't get a muffin run last night.

New shoes, new insoles, and new spenco blister pads. Two out of three worked great today. The blister pads, however, are pieces of junk. While the box says you can wear them for 4-5 days, it should read 4-5 miles. That's about where they both migrated down my feet, one shuffling under my heel while the other was content to release from its blister and stick to the side of my sock. Needless to say, it was a pretty uncomfortable run.

That being said, the legs and stride are back somewhat, though I'm trying to be careful after racing on Sunday. Today I did my 22 mile long run, which I usually do earlier in the week but couldn't stomache doing until today. Besides, I'm moving the long run back towards Sunday for next week's last big time trial, which will be one month out from the marathon January 15.
I made sure to wear the gloves and hat for the whole run, and drank some extra water beforehand. This was smart, as the fountain at 7 miles in/7 to go was frozen again, leaving me one drink at mile 11. Finn woke me up at 4, so I was kind of sleep-running for the first half. I managed a 6:57 pace for the run, which was faster than planned, but I didn't force the pace so I'm not worried about going too fast. It felt good to get my stride back after yesterday's mediocre run and Tuesday's death-march. I'm hoping to do some faster strides tomorrow, and to write more about Lydiard's coordination phase, which I'm supposedly starting this week, although so far it's all been slow running after the race. Stay tuned.

Training: 22 miles, 2:33:06, 6:57 pace


Thomas Sørensen said...

Good to hear that you are back from death march land. Maybe the race was done at slightly above time trial effort? :-) Na, congrats on your PR and it seems like your speed is back.

Eric said...

Duct tape, buddy. I was having this same problem a week ago. If you google 'extreme blister care' you will find a bunch of good adventure racing info. What worked for me was to lance the blister on an edge in a couple of places, drain it, place a piece of tissue paper over it, then duct tape over it, making sure to use enough tape to get around to a relatively 'dry' part of your foot like your instep or ankle. The tape sticks VERY well, but extra tape will help. Make sure there are no folds or bunching in the tape. Get it as smooth as possible. Also, there should be very little tension in the tape. You don't want to bind up your foot's natural movement.

And shave anything that will come in contact with the tape before you start. =)

It works great and it's way cheaper than those stupid pads. Or moleskin. I wasted $8 on mine.

Scooter said...

I was going to tell you to drain them and press flat. They'll often readhere. (Some advocate squirting some Krazy Glue in). Eric pretty much preempted this.

Mike said...

Eric, you sure like the duct tape! I'll try it this time. Scooter, thanks as always for your comments, the krazy glue sounds kind of...crazy, but maybe if it gets severe enough. Maybe they will re-adhere. Thomas, no doubt about it; the effort that is, not the speed!

Eric said...

You know what they say...if you can't fix it with duct tape, it ain't worth fixin'.


Scooter said...

Response to your ? can be found in comments here:

Thanks for the good wishes!