Friday, December 02, 2005

You Must Really Want It

Running is made in our minds. We runners know we must run. This is understood. No other reasons are needed, nor when others ask, "Why?" are we ever able to answer directly or satisfactorily. When you are full of running it is a craving, and the feeling can put you in pursuit of the most improbable of quests. Is is that expuisite feeling that no matter what, nothing can stop you. It is born out of purpose and grows into dedication. -Ron Daws, "Running Your Best"

The title of my post is from the heading on page 8 of Ron's book. I shared this quote with Marathon Thomas the other day, but I thought of it today as I was stopped at the Bashas' supermarket 2 miles from home, stuffing some folded up cocktail napkins into the spot under my insole where I need some "lift" to take the pressure off what I think is a case of Morton's neuroma in my right foot. I ran the last two miles fine, after I had started getting some discomfort at 4 miles in. I did 8x100 strides on dirt today, and the pain was non-existent until I started the uphill loop that brings me back home.

I'm seeing a Sports PT today who is highly regarded by my local Running Shop, so hopefully he will come to same conclusion I have, place the pad correctly, and get me on with my running pain free. I'll let you know how it goes.

Either way, I'll be on the line at the half marathon on Sunday, and I will do my best. And while I'm full of running, I won't sacrifice my marathon in 6 weeks time by causing myself injury this week, so I will be cautious. I'll let you know how the appointment goes.

Training: 8 miles, 55:49, 6:59 pace, pain in right foot but legs feel great. Ran a little faster than I wanted to.


Mark I. said...

Well said.

Andrew said...

Good luck at the PT!

Zeke said...

Mike, did you see this?

robtherunner said...

Good luck with the PT and the half coming up. I know how you feel not wanting to let anything get in your way in these last 6 weeks. I felt the same way with some big runs I had this past year. You can rest after the marathon.

Mike said...

Thanks everyone. Zeke, that's crazy about Geb going for the record in Phoenix. It kind of bugs me that Rock'n'Roll won't do enough to certify the course for the 20,000 runners who aren't Geb. The only slow thing about the course can be the wind, which was a huge factor the first year, as the course moves pretty much due east, and can be into the wind a majority of the time.