Monday, January 23, 2006

Am I Recovered?

Ours is on the far left

Tough to say. I'm able to run without pain, the G.I. problems are gone, and I think I can even run fast for awhile if I want to. Still, I'm not pushing it. There's still a lingering cloud above me, telling me to take it relatively easy. Joints, tendons, muscles and psyche are still rebuilding at this point after the marathon, so I'll continue to be cautious.

That being said, I did a nice trail run on Phoneline in Sabino Canyon on Sunday with Scott and Lucas, running 11.5 miles at a fairly leisurely gait. I did notice that my knee would hit funny once in awhile on the rocky descents and give me a little jolt, but it's nothing I can reproduce on the roads so I'm not worried about it. Kiera surprised us with her famous banana,nut, chocolate chip muffins afterwards to help undo any good the run had done for us. All in all a nice weekend, save for yet another flat tire last evening.

Today I could feel the trail run in my legs so instead of jumping into the track workout of 100 sprints every 200 I just ran eight miles easy. Afterwards I was able to catch daughter Haiden's first "interpretive dance" class with Mr. Walter. This was truly hysterical, and it will be Haiden's first class "unaccompanied" by her parents (after the first week parents have to wait outside the dance hall).

Ended up with just over 50 miles for the week after the race, and with the 10K this week the mileage will probably be about the same. Still thinking of what to do next, and while I couldn't possibly reach a similar peak by April, circumstances are suggesting an interesting race.

Boston, anyone?

Training: Today, 8 miles, 54:51, 6:51 pace
Yesterday, 11.5 miles, 1:35:28, 8:19 pace, Phoneline trail from the house, took the road back
Total miles for the week: 50.5 in 7 sessions


Duncan Larkin said...

Your daughter is precious. Of much lesser importance, your powers of recovery after a sub 2:40 are amazing. Do VCM with me instead of Boston. We'll enter as plebians together.

Scooter said...


Thomas said...

Love the photo. They're so cute.

Mike said...

I just don't know, it's hard to plan. I have a place to stay and transportation with a friend if I do Boston this year, but I would rather be 100% ready. Also, I think I'm just too much of a low-key guy to go nuts over doing "the" big marathon. Duncan, VCM was a big race for me 2 years ago, and Kiera's family will still be in New Hampshire. I'll have to think about it. Scooter, Grandma's would be cool, especially with all the good folks there.

Thomas, you may be right about me 90% coming down. Still figuring it out.

Zeke said...

Mike, looks like little girls are the same everywhere. My oldest is in dance too. Last weekend the teacher let us come in and watch. I'll try to get some photos posted too.

If you are seriously thinking of Grandma's you need to go to their website, download an entry form and get it mailed in within the week. The race will fill up that quickly.

If you came solo, I'd save you a bed in our dorm "apartment". Finding a hotel this late in the game can be difficult.