Friday, January 27, 2006

Cleaning House

With work as insane as it is, blogging has been difficult. I do have a little time today, so I'm trying to tie up the loose ends. Update the training log, organize the running literature, and start thinking about what's next.

I'm actually under-doing things this week with my training. I already changed one run from 90 minutes to 60, and today I changed a 1 hour easy fartlek session into 45 minutes of VERY easy fartlek. The reason; I'm getting a little tired, and I want to minimize any fatigue going into the 10K I'm racing this weekend. I've managed to turn the legs over three times this week, though today's 4 bursts of speed hardly count.

Yesterday was a two mile time-trial, which turned into two one mile time trials separated by a shoe-tying break (still working on the lacing with the Asics "fast" shoes). I wanted to simulate the first two miles of the 10K by running 5:20-5:30 pace, but I blew it by running the first mile in 5:15. After stopping for 30 seconds to tie a shoe, I ran the second mile in 5:22. I was hoping to speed up along the way and the opposite happened. I went out too fast again, which is turning into a little bit of a problem.

Tomorrow will be 30 minutes easy, very easy. I might even take Haiden on a muffin run if it's warm enough. If I'm really feeling adventurous, I could take both Haiden and Finn.

I have the feeling I will only have a one day weekend, as the gallery will need me 6 days next week, followed by one day off, followed by working 13 days straight for our next show. This will be as good a time as any for a general regrouping and a little less structure in my running. Dare I say...recovery. That is the sort of thing people normally do after a marathon, right?

Training: Today, 6 miles, 41:44, 6:57 pace, with easy fartleks
Yesterday: 6 miles, 38:56, 6:29 pace, with two miles at 5:15 and 5:22


David said...

If you haven't seen it yet, this is a cool site on shoe lacing/tying techniques - Ian's Shoelace Site. You, of all people, probably recognize that particular technique as one recommended by Lydiard - How To Lace Your Shoes. As for tying, I always use Ian's Secure Knot - never comes undone, don't even need a double knot. Fwiw.

robtherunner said...

Most people would probably think that 50-60 mile weeks with that kind of pace is not really recovery, but I think in your case it is a significant enough decrease in order to hopeully give your body some rest. I think you deserve it. It has been educational for me to follow your program thus far and hopefully I can get some kind of order in my own life to be able to follow that kind of structure in the future.

Anonymous said...

Its Scott, I never knew you had a blog. I have not read much, but I trust you told all of the beautiful female readers that I (1) was on pace to run a 2:20 marathon but stopped with a mile to go to help that stranded stray kitten, and (2) volunteer to help blind Iraqi orphans, that is when I am not training to defend my welterweight cage fighting championship belt. I also hope you did not tell them that I was rich, because that is just embarrassing, and besides it is better letting people think Al Gore invented the Internet - I really don't need the credit.

Seriously though, looks like you are running really well. You have not dipped below 7 minute miles all week, great stuff. I hope you can really put it together this weekend, that would be a nice ending to this training. And if you need to learn what a 7:30 minute pace is, let me know, I got that down.

tb1 said...

Your lucky you have kids and a job to slow you down. I gave 2 units of red blood cells a week after the marathon and then wondered why I couldn't get back into running a week later. I finally had a good run yesterday. Good luck with your 10K. I'm looking to try a 5K in 10 days. Thanks for your email. I'm hoping to meet you at a future race.