Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Da Agony of Da'Feet

While Kiera fed Finn at 2am I worked on removing several partial layers of what should be one toenail, blackened and cracked from the race. This is one of several toenails that keep me from wearing sandles in public. It has been bugging me for days, especially when it rubs on the sheets while I'm trying to sleep. It was a gross endeavor, and it left the toe too sore to put into the new "fast" Asics DS trainers, which are a little more snug than the usual Brooks Adrenalines.

So it was another day on the rock-hard track, running 10 x 100 sprints every 200. It's a fast workout, and it was over almost as quickly as it began. It's been quite windy in Tucson lately, and it worked out that one 100 was right into the wind while the other had the wind at my back. Seven minutes of fast stuff was about it, and then it was a short run home.

Work is still insane so short posts these days. Boston is out, I'm still figuring out what's next. Perhaps Rock'n'Roll San Diego, though I'm getting tired of these bigger races. It will leave me 18-19 weeks of training, I'm just trying to figure out if I can do a genuine Lydiard build-up in that time. More on this later for sure.

Training: 6 miles, 41:12, 6:52 pace, w/10 x 100 sprints every 200.


Evan said...

Chicago. You can hear it calling your name if you listen closely.

Paul said...

I hope you took advantage of the tail wind to do some leg-speed work. I know that is one of the Master's suggestions.

Definitely hear you on the toenails!

robtherunner said...

I thought only ultra-runners lost their toe nails. I have yet to have that happen, but I think for a 2:40 marathon it is like a status symbol.

Yvonne said...

"I worked on removing several partial layers of what should be one toenail"

omg - too funny to read a graphic description of what is one of my most private and disgusting of activities. Thanks for sharing ;)