Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Enforced Taper

From beyond the grave I fear Arthur Lydiard has sent two messengers to make sure I take it easy during the taper, and each of them measure less than 38 inches tall. Yes, the beloved children are at it again, with another two wake-up calls, the first for two hours at midnight (deja-vu), with Finn vocally complaining about the sniffles. Then, just at 5am, when I was starting to get up to go to the track for my sharpening workout of 50 sprint-50 floats, he was up again. In good conscience I couldn't ditch out and make Kiera handle it, so I stayed, fed him, put him down, fed him more, put him down luck. He was up, and Haiden was stirring too.

Unfortunately, Finn had two early appointments today to check on his head shape, including an hour of physical therapy that I needed to keep Haiden occupied during. In the end, a track workout somehow turned into a muffin run, a fast shower, and a meeting with Kiera and Finn at Hanger, the people who make Finn's helmet. Haiden enjoyed the ride and the muffin, Kiera enjoyed a little more rest, and I ended up with an easy day. Finn's "head asymmetry" is down to 5 millimeters or less, so he's essentially cured, though he'll still wear the helmet a little longer at night. This is great news, and his rapid improvement was a surprise even to the people who manufacture the helmet.

If I feel the need, I can always do the track work tomorrow when things are less crazy, then make my last 5K time trial into more of a marathon pace run (which I'm leaning towards anyway). One way or another it gets done, and taking care of the kids is always the first priority. The only thing I have to say to my two little "Lydiard enforcers" is that any kind of taper requires at least some sleep!

Training: 6 miles, 45:04, 7:29 pace, muffin run with Haiden in the jog-stroller


Dallen said...

Take the taper seriously. It's important. Don't waste all your hard work by going into the race at less than 100%.

It looks like you are taking it easy, but you're talking about doing 2 serious workouts within 10 days of the race.

Thomas Sørensen said...

II believe Lydiard is controlling your training. He let you have time to do the base and other hard training weeks - and now he enforces your taper. He know his system and he knows that you will overdo it if let loose. He ensure you a great marathon time. :-)

Eric said...

Your kids are already taking care of you, old man!

I won't proselytize (too much), but give some thought to why you're trying to put two more workouts into the last few days. You sharpened your knife for the marathon, not the 5000.

Keep the beast on the leash!

Zeke said...

Sounds like Finn is going to have the best-shaped head ever.

Mike said...

Hi all, thanks for the comments. Sounds like 4 of 4 runners agree, take it easy! If you read the post today you'll see I'm dialing it down even more, turning the fast stuff into slower stuff, and not sweating the workout I missed. I hope I'm getting it now, thanks for keeping me in check all.

Finn won't win any beauty contests with my genes, but he is mighty cute.