Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Getting Better all the Time

Nice run after two wake-up calls from Mr. Finn, who at 6 months of age is starting to assert his will. Truth is he has a bit of a cold, so if he wakes up at 12:30am, stays up for almost 2 hours, then wakes up again at 4 I guess I can't blame him (though in the middle-of-the-night fogginess I sometimes do). Mercifully, Haiden (3 years old) let me sleep until almost 7 after this, and I got her breakfast and hung out with her until Kiera made it out of the bedroom. If you're not a morning person by age 33 it's probably never going to happen, so I feel sorry for Kiera sometimes with our two little noisemakers. If I really need to get out the door I can send Haiden into our room to wake her mom up, but if I can avoid it I do. This means no lollygagging on the run for me, and usually a five-minute hunch-and-munch breakfast standing at the counter so I can get to work (almost) on time.

I ran 11 at a mellow pace, though by the end I was cruising around 6:50 so it wasn't exactly a recovery run after yesterday's effort. Still, it was a very nice morning for running, and I spent a few minutes watching seven deer in the brush just off the road in Sabino Canyon. This meant even less time for breakfast/shower, but it was worth it. Upon my return Haiden was clamoring for a "special milkshake" and Finn wasn't down yet, so I obliged and made the world's fastest smoothie with her help.

My original plan was to wake at 4:30 and do my whole run in the dark with the headlamp, then take the family out for a leisurely breakfast with all my extra time. Finn's night-time antics blew this plan, but hopefully I'll have some more time with the kids tonight.

Training: 11 miles, 1:16:26, 6:57 pace


angie's pink fuzzy said...

Johnny was running at Sabino last night when he heard what he thinks was a deer crashing through the bushes on one of the hills. Very cool!

Sounds like a good run, even with the night waking. I found that sometimes I run even better on the mornings of nights where Ash kept me awake for a long time.

robtherunner said...

This Sabino Canyon sounds like a wonderful place. I need to get to Arizona one of these days.

tb1 said...

I read your post on tapering. I definitely do not have a problem with it but then I guess that's what happens when you approach 50 and have never taken running semi-seriously until now. What's cool is that I actually enjoy running and I also enjoy living vicariously through your blog. 10 days and counting. I'll be at the R&R but many minutes (hours?) behind you.

I lived in Tucson from 1986-1989. A friend of mine lived near Sabino. We use to hike all the time. Great place. Enjoy.