Monday, January 02, 2006

In Good Company

I got a call from my brother yesterday suggesting I read this article in our newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star (Rob the Runner, an ultra runner who writes one of my favorite blogs caught it too). It's not often a lowly, plodding marathon runner like me gets mentioned in the same article as David Krummenacker, who was number 2 in the U.S. championships for the 800 this year (as well as 2003 world champ), brothers Robert Cheseret (10,000 meters NCAA champ) and Bernard Lagat (fastest 1500 this year), Abdi Abdirahman (USA 10,000 meter and 10 mile champ) and homegrown ultra-marathoner Pam Reed. It's a list of the top 100 Southern Arizona sports figures of 2005, and somehow somebody slipped up and put me in there at number 90.

That was nice news after a late-morning 18 miler, where my mind wandered as I thought about what the new year would bring. I'm not big on resolutions or marking these occasions, but time inevitably marches on and the yearly calendar seems as good a way as any to keep track of this. Finn was born, Kiera and I celebrated five years of marriage and we moved into a different house, one with enough bedrooms for each of the kids to have their own. Also, I feel I grew a bit as a runner. I took on more of a training load than I previously thought possible, trusting the words of Arthur Lydiard to guide me.

No time to dwell right now, dinner is almost ready and the kids have put up with me at the computer long enough. See you tomorrow.

Training: Yesterday, 18 miles, 2:06:09, 7:00 pace
Today: 6 miles, 44:36, 7:25 pace
Total miles for the week: 80 in 7 sessions


Dallen said...

Congratulations on you newly found fame.

Thomas said...

You are way too modest, mate

tb1 said...

Congratulations Mike! You definately earned it.

Thomas Sørensen said...

Heyyyy!!! Super cool. So you become champion in the grand prix series and get mentioned in the paper. Now there is a whole differen pack of guys who want to prove that they can beat you in the marathon. Watch out!!! Just kidding, Mike. You deserve it. Congrats.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

How awesome! What a great list to be on.