Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I think I'm tasting the fumes of my peak as it speeds off into the distance, yet I'm not quite ready to start rebuilding. So what's to be done? The schedule said 1.5 hours, though Kiera had a late hair appointment and Haiden had trouble after going down, then Finn got up, then Haiden got up, then Haiden got up again in the early 5's...

You know the drill, I just couldn't get going fast enough to get the whole 90 minutes in, and since I've decided this 10K is my last race before starting over, I figure running just over an hour would be fine for the task at hand. The 5K I was considering towards the end of February was taken out of the "grand prix" series I'm competing in, so I'm just skipping it and heading back into base or conditioning training.

The legs were tired after a very restless night, and I spent some of the run wondering whether or not I will run well on Sunday for the race. I figure I have the conditioning, and I have the guts to tough it out, so I'll go for it.

Work is still nuts so a few more of these short posts before I start the next plan.

Training: 9 miles, 1:02:56, 6:59 pace


Duncan Larkin said...

Mike, hard for me to say this since I am a hypocrite, but take it easy. You are barely weeks off of a major marathon in which you PR'd your way to a sub 2:40. Don't get mentally mixed up in schedules and must-dos right now. Your race probably won't be stellar since your legs are still wondering who beat them with the caber pole. Take it easy. Relax. Bask in it for a little while longer.

Scooter said...

My take on your post to me from yesterday is on my blog. (And no, I was not upset or offended.)

Duncan is right that you still need recovery.