Thursday, January 12, 2006

Minor Annoyances

The running seems to be going well. I looked at my log for May of 2004, when I was in my last week before running 2:47 at the Vermont City Marathon (nearly a 10 minute P.R.) and there are similarities. Back then I was feeling strong and light on my feet, and it was hard to run the last few days at over a 7 minute pace. The same thing goes this week, and while I do feel lazy for not running much my legs are quite fresh at the moment.

This morning's easy six miler, which I meant to run at 7:20+ turned out to be 7:05 pace, even though I was concentrating on trying to just trudge along slowly. I'll work harder to go even slower the next two days and I'll only be running 5 and 4 miles respectively.

While the running is going well, other forces are gathering against me. Yesterday I thought one of my car tires had a slow leak so I filled it up on the way to work, only to see it low again this morning. I almost didn't notice it since the other front tire was now completely flat! With only one spare I took the bicycle pump to the low tire, changed the flat one, and dropped the car off to get both taken care of. It's nowhere near the car troubles Zeke has been facing, but annoying nonetheless since this will be my vehicle for getting to the race.

Some marathoners start to carbohydrate load three days before the race, while others choose two or just one day before. Arthur Lydiard doesn't advocate increasing your carbohydrate portions, but rather to take honey with every meal in the few days before the race. Honey in your coffee, your tea, cereal, oatmeal, whatever you're eating. I'll experiment with some tonight and see how my digestive tract takes it, and I will up my carbohydrates in the two days before the race. Since today's breakfast mirrored yesterday's sad excuse for nutrition I will try to even out the day with good food choices. To anyone else running a race this weekend, especially "tb1", a frequent commenter here who will make their marathon debut in Phoenix, best of luck.

Training: 6 miles, 42:30, 7:05 pace


Scooter said...

On the honey front, Lydiard said to me, in no uncertain terms - "1/2 lb of honey the day before a race." When you think about the amount, it's a wonder his athlete's weren't in diabetic comas. My rough estimate is that that is about 6 oz by volume.

PS - Nobby is back at Lydiard/Daniels thread (didn't see you on the posts I'd looked at)

Zeke said...

Don't worry about the car. Have you seen how long those things can go on the rims when they're being chased by the cops?

I used to have a link that outlined nutrition for the 7 days leading up to the race. It's a little late now, so I won't look for it. I'll see if I can find it for next week.

I don't know anything about honey, but you gotta eat better breakfasts, all the time, not just race week.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know you're going all Lydiard all the way, but Pfitzinger's said that you get the effect of carbo-loading just by decreasing your activity about halfway while maintaining your normal food intake. Just wanted to toss that out there :-)

I'm actually in Scottsdale right now, made it out here to see Geb, saw the end of the course. Looks like you're running on Hayden Ave. for a little while, obviously a good omen! Anyway, have a great time, I'll try to say hey after.

Mike (inscottsdalebutusuallyinboston)

Duncan Larkin said...

I do the honey thing on toast. I read it in Run to the Top and have always considered it the magical marathon food like Lembas in LTR.

olga said...

What if I am allregic to honey? Any substitute?
I'll be out for a rcae myself, so I wish you all the best in yours!

Eric said...

Use caution on the honey thing, especially if you haven't been eating it regularly. Cripes, 1/2 a POUND!? Don't do that to your digestive system the day before your race. It's a fine thing to try 8 weeks out or something though.

Have some sketti and a special milkshake instead! Good luck, we are anxiously awaiting race day and thinking of you!

The Last Runner said...

I am in agreement with those who say don't change the way you eat.

More carbo's are good but don't stuff. This is not the time to change things or try new dietary additions (lol).

Glycogen as fuel will be gone by around 20 miles. Then you will be burning fat. That's how it works. All those miles should give the pure leg strength to hit your goal.

Zeke said...

Mike, I came across this poem by Spirella (never heard of them before) last night and it made me think of you and your journey.

There’s no thrill in easy sailing
when the skies are clear and blue,
there’s no joy in merely doing things
which anyone can do.

But there is some satisfaction
that is mighty sweet to take,
when you reach a destination that
you thought you’d never make.

Mike said...

Thanks everyone. I found out I'm not a big honey fan this morning, I'll try a little more tonight (just a spoonful) and quit it if it doesn't sit right. Thanks for all the advice, and thank you Zeke for the poem. Mike in Boston, I hope to see you there, as well as tb1.

tb1 said...

Thanks for the encouragement Mike! I'll look for you but I don't want to screw up your focus. If you see a tall guy in black tights and a beige adidas cap, it just might be me.

Like Bowerman told Pre: The hay's in the barn.