Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pig Won't's Big Decision

If you have kids, or if you were a kid, you probably remember the Richard Scarry story about Pig Will and Pig Won't. Whenever Pig Won't is asked to do something he doesn't want to do, he says "I won't". Bad boy!! Stop that Pig Won't!

Anyway, there's a choice to be made...and soon. Do I focus on speedwork for the next few months and train like a 10K runner to get my times down for the 3K to 10K, or do I keep chasing the marathon? I like marathon training; pounding out the miles, marathon pace runs, easy runs, tempo runs, lots of runs. What I don't really like is a ton of speedwork, which I would be doing more of if I focused on shorter races this spring.

I believed that primarily endurance would get me to 2:40, and that endurance and speed would be necessary to get below that. Nobby has suggested that I might focus on speed into the summer, and that this would benefit me greatly if I decide to do a fall or winter marathon. But Pig Won't isn't quite ready for more of the short, fast, intense stuff. He is a stubborn fellow, not at all like his brother Pig Will. Pig Won't still has a score to settle with the marathon, and the Rock and Roll marathon on June 3 would allow several shorter build-up races to test the speed in the legs. Here's a short list-
April 15, Sabino Canyon Sunset run (7 miles I think)
April 22, Spring Cross Country Classic 5K
May 7, Cinco de Mayo 10K
May 21, Tucson 5000 5K State Championship

These races would act as great time-trials during a shorter Lydiard build-up, and would give me a great impetus to improve my speed during Lydiard's anaerobic/track phase instead of worrying so much about maintaining my endurance.

So it's decision time for Pig Won't. What's it going to be, the marthon in June or hold out until late fall/winter and focus on running faster?

Training: today, 8 miles, 58:24, 7:18 pace, lower trails in Sabino Canyon and some neighborhoods, a little sluggish
yesterday, 8 miles, 57:14, 7:09 pace, got dragged around by Lucas for an hour

P.S. Results for the Sun Run are here, I guess I ran 34:11 for 7th. I have a big, blue smiling ceramic sun to prove it (hand-painted to boot)


tb1 said...

I just caught up with your past blogs. Congratulations on your race. What a year you had!! Sounds like you're also having a great year at home and work.

I'm tweaking your just completed Lydiard training session log, looking for a way to increase the pace intensity and mpw to the low 40s. I kind of want to hold on to this conditioning for another marathon instead of waiting a year.

This running stuff is challenging. Thanks for your running updates. I get motivated when I read them.

Scooter said...

I think you should ask Nobby how Arthur's boys raced. Unless I am mistaken, most of them campaigned pretty aggressively for at least a couple of months before returning to base training.

Be Pig Will. I think you're likely to be surprised at your next race what happens. That 7th becomes a fifth or a third.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Hmm...I will be staying tuned to see who wins out - Pig Will or Pig Won't....

Looks like we'd have a similar race schedule if you foucs on the shorter runs! Of course, I'll be cleaning up the back of the pack...although I want to work on speedwork once I recover from Pemberton...

Mike said...

Looks like it's Pig Won't, but mostly because the timeframe for doing trackwork is summer, when there are unfortunately no races in Tucson. I will probably work on the speed for the fall season with some luck. Hopefully Nobby won't give up on me.