Saturday, January 07, 2006

Right Turn!

Started out too fast today, and just as I turned left to follow my usual 6 mile route I decided to pull a wide u-turn and head into Sabino Canyon to run some trails. Some days when I feel like really cruising along quickly (and I should be taking it easy), a sure way to slow down is to take some off-camber trails through the lower sections of Sabino Canyon. Lots of fist-sized to encyclopedia-sized rocks and such to slow you down, as well as a plethora of quick ups and downs. Ended up with 6 easy miles at a very leisurely pace, and the beautiful cool morning and wonderful scenery made the time fly by. Speaking of Sabino Canyon, there's a nice married couple that runs here often, Angie and Johnny. Like our family, they also have a three-year-old, and Johnny trains upwards of 50 miles a week with Ash (their son) in a jogging-stroller or pack. This makes my occasional "muffin run" with Haiden seem like pretty weak parenting by comparison! Anyway, Johnny's post today was very inspiring, and I hope you get a chance to read it.

One of the reasons I decided to try Arthur Lydiard's training was to explore the possibilities of running, which is my primary hobby. Lets face it, you only get what you give. I wanted to learn to give more to my running to see what I would get in return. Selfish? You bet. But there's more to it than that, and I love running so much more than I did six months ago for the extra effort I've put into it. I have found more beauty and joy in this sport than I ever thought existed. It sounds like Johnny already knows this, and he's urging us to take the next step to bring this importance and purpose out into the open and beyond the miles ahead of us. We can love more, reach out more, and simply mean more to one another if we simply make the effort. The lessons we learn on the roads and trails can be amplified to make our lives and the lives of those around us more meaningful.

Take a cue from Johnny and have a great weekend.

Training: 6 miles, 46:53, 7:49 pace, great easy run in lower Sabino Canyon


Yvonne said...

Man - your writing is so inspiring! Great post!

robtherunner said...

Great move to get into the canyon and enjoy the trails. I agree with Yvonne.

Scooter said...

"encyclopedia-sized rocks"

Is that one-volume or the whole set?

Just be careful - you don't want a turned anle at this stage.

Love2Run said...

Have a good week and remember not to clean out the basement and watch for falling hammers! Looking forward to your race... Go Mike!