Saturday, January 28, 2006

These Important Years

Finn, waiting to grow up

Heard a very moving interview on NPR this morning on the way to work, here's a link to it on their website. Scott Simon interviews Roseanne Cash upon the completion of her first album since the death of her father, Johnny Cash, and her mother, June Carter Cash.

She talks about the wall that separates us from death in terms of family. When her parents were alive, she felt they were this "wall", and she was comforted by it. With both of them gone, her mortality is hitting her in the face. She is the wall between her own children and death. As she talks about her relationship with her parents, it made me really wish my parents were living here in Tucson instead of 120 miles away. I know it's not far, but I would like them to have a closer relationship with our daughter Haiden and son Finn, as well as with Kiera and myself.

What had me in tears was the last part of the interview, where an old tape was played with father Johnny Cash singing with daughter Roseanne. From her high voice and tentative speech she couln't have been more than 2 years old.

I was glad I took Haiden with me on a muffin run this morning, or this story would have me missing her so much at work today that I wouldn't be able to stand it. She sang "Really Rosie" and we saw a hot air balloon, which according to Haiden was carrying Curious George but I can't say for certain.

Race tomorrow, so it was just four easy and back in time for Kiera to go for a run by herself. The race is at 9am, so I'm hoping we can make it a family affair. I have no real expectations for a time, I just hope to find a good group to go out with and to not blow up. How's that for a race plan? There should be a deep field so there is a chance I could get dragged to a good time if I run smart, which is something I haven't done well with lately.

Either way the race will spell the end of my competitive "season", and with 120 hours or so of work planned during the following two weeks I will try to spend what little time I have off with the kids. Looks like early, short runs in the dark. Could be worse. Have a good weekend, and best of luck to Duncan, who is in Miami battling to break 2:30:00 this weekend.

Training: 4 miles, 29:24, 7:21 pace, easy with Haiden in the jog-stroller

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David said...

Yes, the wall that separates us from death, reminds me of the beautifully written final scenes of John Updike's Rabbit at Rest. Big stuff.

Btw, I've been perusing some of your old postings (I'm new around here) on running, Lydiard, etc., great material, I really like how listening to your inner-coach is stressed (your Common Sense posting), it's what I *try* to do, with varying degrees of success, get something out of each workout. I'm always puzzled when I hear runners say they're following this or that schedule, like to a tee, my body doesn't work that way, I often need to play it by ear.

(I'm hearing Really Rosie these days too, my daughter's in a local production of it. ;-)

Good luck with the race tomorrow.

(And thanks for the VCM comments, I'm signing up!)