Saturday, January 21, 2006

Who are you Calling Fartlek?

Fight to the finish

Cool, crisp morning in Tucson, though I was in a bit of a daze after getting up at 2am to feed 7-month-old Finn and then again at 5 to get 3-year-old daughter Haiden some water. It's never just water. This time it was another semi-coherent story of the three bears and a muttered "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". Drink and a show, dad-and make it good!

As I grumpily poured the coffee at 7 I realized it's work that's primarily responsible for the fatigue I'm feeling. Down to the basement and up again 40 times a day or so to take photos of paintings, plus the concentration it takes to keep all the paintings straight in my mind. Selling paintings also requires a great deal of focus on my part, so by the end of the day (and into the next day) I'm just feeling wiped.

Once I got out on the road in my new Asics DS trainer 11's (or whatever the new number is) I felt light and fresh. This was my first run in these shoes, which are much lighter than my usual Brooks Adrenalines. I did cram my spenco insoles into them though, which have the metatarsal pads glued to them that keep my neuromas at bay. This adds some weight, but adds a little cushioning. I'm toying with racing in these shoes next weekend, provided they still feel good after breaking them in. Arthur Lydiard used to make his own shoes, and he was always a fan of light, flexible shoes that didn't steer or change a runner's gait. These still have a touch of stability, but I feel they are closer to what Arthur would approve of.

I decided to run an easy fartlek session today, alternating fast and slow, from the mailbox to the street sign, etcetera etcetera. Changing gears frequently like this feels much better now than it did when I attempted it a bit during my conditioning phase at the start of my last Lydiard program. The legs are much finer-tuned now I suppose, and they aren't weighed down by 100 mile weeks at present.

I was surprised at the overall speed of the run at the end of six miles, and now that I'm at work the legs are feeling good. They would no doubt feel even better with a nap, but that's not going to happen. Have a good weekend.

Training: 6 miles, 38:47, 6:27 pace. Nice fartlek run


robtherunner said...

That is a great finishing shot from the race. I am glad to hear you are feeling light and fresh and look forward to hearing about some of your upcoming shorter races.

I am also interested to see if you are going to proceed with the next marathon plan in much of the same manner, or if there are things you might do differently this time around. Perhaps just fine tune a few things a bit?

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Love the picture of you crossing the finish line!

How awesome that you are feeling so good so soon after the race.

I run in Brooks Adrenline when I'm on the road/river path, and I've been using Montrail Masais for trail running. I've discovered that I like the Adrenlines better, because they give me more support. I'm even contemplating using them on Pemberton, even though it's a trail run.


Johnny Lyons said...

Work sounds tiring, hope it gets better soon. Nice light, flexible shoes sounds perfect right now. I've been "using up" my Montrail HArdrocks for a few weeks on shorter training run and dying to get out in my lighter, flexible Inov-8s. I end up doing so much paved running I should just get those sweet sounding shoes you have. I love the analyzing part after the race too, as long as I can let it go when it's time to sleep :)

olga said...

Awesome picture of finish, even better with the time on top:)
Glad you feel well and light, and work...always quite stressful. Sometimes I wish it wasn't there as an obligation, only as a joy.

Thomas said...

I presume that means you are going to run a race a week from now?

From following your blog for a few months and then reading your race report, I got the impression that you were indeed 90% coming down on the day of the marathon. Do you think there is something you might do differently in training next time?

Joe said...

What an awesome photo! Finish, time, race title, you...that's a keeper. 20 years from now you will be very pleased to have that, so you can remember the way it was "back in the day"!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Hi and great job on the run. Nice photo!

Michael Jay Dotson said...

Agreed. That's an awesome finishing shot. You WILL run faster but you'll only crack the 2:40 barrier for the first time once.