Saturday, February 18, 2006

24-24-miles to go...

Kiera has a new camera

11 miles this morning leaves only 24 miles between me and my first 100 mile week in singles for this new marathon build-up. For psychological reasons I prefer getting the longest run out of the way earlier (my training weeks begin on Monday), but with the art show last week it just wasn't in the cards. I'm hesitant to speak too soon (since my run tomorrow is nothing to sneeze at), but this week has turned out much better than I thought it would.

I know my posts have been a bit bi-polar lately, but it really has been an up-and-down week. Nobby noticed this and sent me an email-" looks like your training is going well now, but here's a word of caution; professional attitude means not to get discouraged when going gets tough; AND also controlling yourself well within yourself when things are going invincibly well. Don't fall into the trap of thinking, 'Hey, look at me! I can fly!!' and get too close to the sun only to melt your wings and fall. Pay attention especially when things are going great."

With Nobby's words in mind, I'm making a conscious effort to start tomorrow's run very slow, which will hopefully make things a little "less unpleasant" towards the end of the 24 miles. I'm focusing on longer long runs this time around, as it seems that my body responds relatively well to this kind of stimulus without breaking down. I had planned three 28 milers, but Nobby has convinced me to cut it to two. A while back Eric asked why (see I told you I'd answer you!). The short answer...three years. I'm looking a ways down the road here, and if I go from zero to three 28 milers this time, it means 4+ next time, and then on and on. I'm trying not to "melt my wings" this first year, I still have a long ways to go.

Training: 11 miles, 1:19:06, 7:11 pace


Love2Run said...

Awwww! He's just sooo cute!! Never crys, always happy too, right?

I hear you about the tough runs ahead that need to be eased into and to remember to hold back on those rare invincible days. Good luck on the 24!

robtherunner said...

It must be the winter that makes us all a bit bi-polar, but you are in Arizona so I am not sure that is the case. You are a model of consistency for the rest of us.

Eric said...

Yeah, but...why 28 miles rather than 30 or 26 or 24? Lydiard never specifically mentions distance, though he does talk about 3 hours, which is about 24-25 miles for our purposes. I know the Japanese have a tendency toward overdistance (for the marathon) runs upwards of 30 miles, but guys like Pfitzinger, McMillan, Daniels, and others talk about 22 miles being about max, or training runs of a time not to exceed your expected finish time.

I'm just curious what your take is on the training effect you will be getting from those 28 milers.

Have a good run tomorrow. I'll be doing 24-26 if everything goes well.

Mike said...

Good comment Eric. In my case I think it's more psychological than anything; knowing I can last longer than I have to race should help my confidence. Why 28? I guess it's 6 more than 22, which is what I'm used to. Again, psychological. What's another 45 minutes, right? The 28-30 is more Nobby influenced, as he did coach a corporate marathon team in Japan. I think endurance runs, in their typical ratio in most marathon plans, just don't break me down as mch as the other aspects of training do. My logic is that since I realize this, I should be able to do more than the usual ratio than the average Joe, at least some weeks. In short, I think I need more miles to get the same training effect as some people get running less, since I seem to acclimate to miles easier than some. Beyond 28 just seems out of reach this time around, especially after 24 today! Good luck with your long run Eric.

Nobby said...

Okay, I'm not sure if I'm doing this right...

Just wanted to clarify one thing; I just came up with 28 miles for Mike out of blue since I'm not the one who's running it... Just kidding.

I suggested to mike to go for 28 miles because of two reasons: (1) because he seems to be able to handle distance work very well, and (2) because he seems to have died at the end of the last marathon. In "Run to the Top", in fact, Lydiard prescribed the weekend long runs for marathon runners as "22~28 miles". If I knew Mike very well, I might have suggested him to go for 30 but wanted to take a step at a time instead.

Each workout, or in my case, each suggestion, should have a clear reason. You should NOT grab the number from the air and slap it onto your training schedule just because... I don't care who suggested it (even Lydiard), if it doesn't make sense, forget it.

Mike said...

Thanks for the comment Nobby, as you know by now your advice is always welcome, appreciated, and at this point entirely necessary! I'm glad to see you make your first appearance on my blog in the first person! Sorry if I seemed glib about the "6 more than 22" statement, it was meant as a joke but I meant what I said before and after. Your frank statement that I "died at the end" is right on, and addressing it head on seems to be the best way to go rather than just hoping it doesn't happen next time without changing things. Is 28 better than 22? I'll give a classic Nobby answer here, which while it can be frustrating is also the truth in my opinion..."it depends". In my case I believe there is a benefit on occasion so I'm going with it.

Eric said...

Yes, thanks for weighing in Nobby. I very much appreciate all of the information you have provided through various forums on the net.

My problem is a clear reason requires information and experience. Now, I have no idea what the 28 miler that I did on Sunday will do for me, because I have never raced a marathon before. It will probably help me run faster in the future, but there are no guarantees. Here's a question: what training decisions can one make without the benefit of experience?

I've ranged from 22-28 miles over the last 15 weeks, and I am finding, like Mike, that more distance in the long run seems to 'feel right' for me in the base phase. My question is simply, do I trust my gut and push up to 28-30, or do I trust some books that offer various other prescriptions?