Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Did You Run Fast, Daddy?

tb1 asked about my diet, whether or not I eat anything special. I certainly don't have any magic diet bullet, but I try to be sensible. Lots of carbs, very easy on soda/beer/fried food, easy on the red meat. I love fruits and vegetables, though we don't have the latter enough during dinner. When my training volume goes up, so does my appetite and thus my food intake "volume". I'll still eat half a pizza after a long run occasionally, but the furnace seems to run hot enough to burn it.

We try to be a good influence on our daughter's diet, but kids have their own tastes. Fortunately, she loves green vegetables, and she adores fruit. If I owe my generally quick recovery to any food, it's probably the "special milkshake" daughter Haiden and I share after some runs. Lately she's been asking for it every day, which is just not practical. My answer to this was a rule I told her yesterday when she asked after a low-key 12 miles with Lucas. When she asked, I told her that "milkshakes are only for days when Daddy runs FAST." Now she's a sharp kid, but I was quite amused when I returned home today after 15 miles and she didn't immediately say "How about a milkshake?". Instead, her question was, "Daddy, did you run fast today?" "Fast enough", I told her. The recipe again-ice, yogurt, OJ, milk, cran-raspberry juice, blueberries and strawberries. This beats an expensive powdery-protein-shake anyday in my book. Haiden agrees.

Training: 15 miles, 1:44:31, 6:58 pace


angie's pink fuzzy said...

I love Haiden's question!!!! Ash started doing that a few months ago, and it just tickled my funnybone. They are getting so smart!

tb1 said...

Kids are fun. What a great answer!

Thanks for your input Mike. I watch what I eat pretty closely but I thought that you might have the "magic potion" that makes one run fast.

I see you picked up a few more people reading your blog. Keep up the good writing.

Johnny Lyons said...

Smoothie sounds really good right now. Especially after taking my mom to Denny's for breakfast this morning - talk about fatty food!

I mapped my sand slog to show you where I went wrong and how I really was in people's back "yards".