Monday, February 20, 2006

Finally, a Two-Day Weekend

After working so much for the past month, including 120-some hours in the past two weeks, I'm happy to announce I'm typing this from home. This is the second day of my weekend, and I'm actually not at work for it. The day started early, as Lucas came by at 6:15 for some miles. We ran about 8 together, but for some reason whenever Lucas was closest to the road cars kept trying to kill him. I guess this means when it happens to me along the same route it's not personal. Monday's are typicallly the worst as far as inattentive motorists go, as many drivers are most likely still shaking off their weekend.

The run started out quite slow, as we ran a hillier route than usual, but we gradually increased the pace and ended at a pretty good clip. My last four miles were relaxed, and I was glad to get home and hang out with the family. I'm not feeling too bad after 100 miles last week, even after running 24 miles yesterday. My back is a little tired, but that's pretty much it.

If you are interested in Arthur Lydiard and hearing what Nobby Hashizume has to say (which you probably are if you read this blog), check out his comment from this post. Nobby has been very helpful in looking after me since I've started following the Lydiard method, and he's been instrumental in coming up with ideas to make the most of the 17 weeks I have alotted in preparation for the June 4 San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon.

Training: 12 miles, 1:27:02, 7:15 pace


Christine said...

Mike- It's very interesting to read Nobby's comments, I'll be interested to see how the 28 miler works in your schedule.

I was wondering aloud on my blog this morning, and I'll ask you too: Do you think it's better to run one long run per week or more even distances. For example, if you run 4 miles everyday and your long run is 6 miles or to run 2 miles everyday with a 10 mile long run?

Nobby said...


Just to butt in before Mike gets to it. I was afraid that people start to think that 28-miler is a solution (IF Mike does well with it, that is...!). It, really, all depends. I don't even know if Mike does it well (so much for confidence builder, huh, Mike!). There's NO one solution for everybody. You really need to find it out for yourself. If this works out great for Mike and he doesn't "die" in the last 6-mile of the next marathon; great. This could be one solution for the next cycle (I'm sure you don't want to think about it now...). If not, we'll have to figure out something else. Too many people in this country spend way too much time writing down the "perfect" weekly schedule; I don't even know if they even follow it, let alone analyze it and evaluate, evolve from it--to best suit YOU.

To your specific question, to answer it from me; long runs are what best develop endurance and stamina. One long run a week would probably work better than having mediocor distance everyday IF your goal is somewhat long distance (10k and up).

Mike said...

Thanks for answering Nobby, I probably would have answered "do both". Kidding, really! This dialogue could beat the Lydiard/Daniels thread as long as Skuj doesn't find us!