Friday, February 17, 2006


Another good night of sleep, and another good run. Work stress is diminishing, diet is improving...I'm afraid to say any more for fear of tempting fate.

18 miles at 6:57 pace, which was faster than planned after 12 yesterday at 6:30 pace. The legs are getting easier to pick up behind me, and a new pair of Brooks Adrenalines are helping to keep the muscles fresh. I'm close to the end of my second week of Lydiard conditioning, and if I can keep from falling apart on Sunday's 24 miler it will be a good seven days of work.

By no means am I close to reaching the "nearly tireless state" that a solid stretch of high-mileage, moderate intensity running should bring, but I think I will come around. Let's just say I'm getting less tired. While I was getting a drink at the fountain seven miles from home, I knew I had it in me to get back without too much trouble. This was the same spot where I desperately wanted to stretch out on the cement and fall asleep (or call Kiera for a ride home) last week.

It's a tired analogy, but a true one. I'm building a house here, and without a strong foundation the walls and roof will not hold.

Training: 18 miles, 2:05:10, 6:57 pace


Duncan Larkin said...

The incredible, high-mileage singles over and over again at impressive paces leave me speechless. Cheerleading comment for cheerleading comment, I have nothing critical or controversial to add. Nice work Mike.

angie's pink fuzzy said...
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angie's pink fuzzy said...

let's try this again....

Yay! That must be such a relief.

And thanks for the advice. I suspect it's not so much my adrenlaines as it is my Montrail Masais - the trail running shoes I started with that really don't have much support for the pronation I do. I wore those at Pemberton thinking they'd be better than my adrenalines, which are a half-size too big and can get floppy on trails (I didn't want to trip!). So my next big purchase needs to be a pair of trail-running shoes that give me the support I need. I also need to stretch - big time!!! Also, thanks for the warning on Galloway! I'll check out the link you sent, and talk to the guys at the running shop. Hopefully I can still run with Kiera next weekend!

edinburghrunner said...

Impressive stuff indeed!

Joe said...

What a cool place to be!! This type of milage and feeling good about it.

Glad you like the Adrenelines. Mine made a massive difference in my running enjoyment...I'm on my fourth pair. For certain kinds of feet/ankles/knees, they are perfect.

I just wish my feet/ankles/knees turned over as fast as yours!!!