Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh, Now I Remember

18 miles of fun today. I'm back in Lydiard conditioning training, and I almost forgot how much it can hurt to get started on the long stuff again. I probably sabotaged my training with the 3 hour trail run on Sunday, which was supposed to be my last day of "marathon recovery". I still had some soreness in my legs from all the rocky ups and downs, and I was coming off another poor night of sleep. More than the three hours the night before, but still not very restful. Finn was up at 10 (Kiera fed him but I did get up), then Haiden woke up at midnight. I was in such a fog that I was convinced the crying was Finn again. I even made him a bottle before Kiera came out and reminded me that Haiden hadn't had a bottle for more than two years. Haiden went to the doctor and was treated for an ear infection, and although she doesn't like the medicine it's definitely made her more agreeable. After tucking her in, telling her about the three bears and singing "Twinkle, twinkle", she was asleep. Finn was up again at 3:30, and even though it's Kiera's birthday she fed him again so I could sleep until my alarm went off at 4:30.

A sloppy shuffle was about all I could manage, and while I was sucking exhaust fumes on the one mile stretch of River road my resolve wavered a bit when I thought about the mileage ahead over the next 17 weeks. Still, I made it back fine with just the ordinary aches and pains that a 100 mile week brings after three weeks of 50's and one week at 70. This week will be survival; putting the time in without much regard for effort or speed. Next week hopefully I'll be a bit more acclimated to the additional volume and will be able to put a few stronger aerobic efforts in.

If you want to see the art show our gallery is doing this week (which requires me to work all but 3 days of February), here's a link to the webpage that lists all 250 artists in the show. Each artist can have two pieces in the show, which adds up to a lot of work. I'm looking forward to being done with it.

Tonight is class for Kiera then a birthday party for her with her classmates. I'll help by staying home with the kids. Tomorrow is 10-12 miles depending on what I can manage. Sorry for the dry post, but I am a bit tired and over-worked at the moment.

Training: 18 miles, 2:10:57


Christine said...

Wow that show is a huge undertaking.

Thomas Sørensen said...

Mike, do you never skip ar run due to tiredness. You have a will of steel.

Mike said...

Thomas, I admire Ron Daws and his training philosophy. If you take one day off, it will be even easier to take another one off later. For me it's just better to not let it happen. I did take August 4 off.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Happy birthday Kiera!

You had me giggling with "I did take Aug 4 off"

Thomas Sørensen said...

You are probably rght about it being easier to take the day after an off day off. I hope I will experience a long streak of non-off days soon.

Love2Run said...

That's great, "Aug 4"!! Personally, I prefer to take every Monday off. Good luck with your week.