Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pleasant Surprise

No, not like the time I found the wadded up $5 bill in the dirt on a run. Nobby Hashizume, who I quote ad neauseum in this blog telephoned me last night after corresponding for 7 months or so via email and forums. He had asked for my number in an email a while ago, but I was taken aback when he actually rang me up.

I was watching both kids, as Kiera was out celebrating her birthday with friends, so while I tried hard to concentrate on the conversation I wish I could have focused more on him and less on Haiden eating my dinner and coloring on...whatever. I was able to get Finn off to bed while talking to Nobby, which was no small feat.

I wish I had prepared more, as I had a million questions to ask him, but he was very generous with his time in responding to whatever I threw at him. I wish I had asked more about the Lydiard Foundation and its plans, but of course I'm so self-involved that I mostly talked about my training. Arrrrgh. Two things I did come away with was to try to work in more easy jogging at night if the legs are feeling tired, and to probably only do two 28 milers this time around instead of forcing three.

Nobby seems to be hugely into long-term development, much in the mold of Arthur Lydiard himself. It's often quoted that when Arthur saw a promising high-school athlete, he was much more focused on his or her potential in college or beyond, rather than simply trying quick-fixes to bring their times down in the short term with excessive intervals. I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again. Three years. I'm willing to forego short-term gains for long-term development any day, if I think it will eventually get me closer to my ultimate potential (even if I'm old and gray at 37).

I look forward to talking to Nobby again in the future and asking the 1,000 questions I couldn't remember last night.

I had a nice run with Lucas today, covering 12 miles with some hills and dodgy motorists. I feel bad that I almost always add either a few minutes or a few miles to what Lucas has scheduled for the day, but I figure it will probably only help in the long run. Tomorrow's 24 miler may only be 22 depending on how I'm feeling, but the pace today coupled with running slower yesterday should hopefully get me recovered enough to muddle through.

Training: 12 miles, about 1:26:00, roughly 7:12 pace


Eric said... I want to know why only two 28 milers in 17 weeks.

I updated my blog, with not one, but TWO posts. Still only 2 easy payments of 19.95. Since you asked nicely.


Scooter said...

Make a list of those questions!

Paul said...

No worries about Lucas. He's Lydiard Training by Proxy.

As for "old and gray at 37", well, speaking as one who is old and "clear" at 42, the Masters age groups are intense. We will welcome you with open walkers and gladly share our Ensures.

Mike said...

ONLY two 28 milers. Spoken like a true mileage junkie Eric! Sorry to chide you about your blog, but the training you are doing is interesting, especially for other runners upping their mileage. I'll check out the new posts! As for the answer to your question, I'll be posting about it in the next few days. Scooter, you're right, I should have been more prepared! Paul, most of the athletes I look up to are 40+, so it's with some trepidation that I will be entering the "geriatric" sect.