Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sickness, sleeplessness, and...schoolness?

Haiden goes to school

Frenetic and distinctively running-absent post. Kiera got pretty sick last night so I let her sleep as Finn woke up a few times. By the time I got out of bed Haiden was up, and Kiera still wasn't feeling well enough to deal with her. Haiden was also starting school today, so I had to be back early in order to meet the staff and make sure things got off to a good start.

End result, no run this morning. My legs are buzzing as I sit here, and my well thought out plan for getting in a 28 miler, keeping my other two longer runs, doing a hill day and running two faster sessions this week is quickly crumbling. I'll have to get out tonight, after the kids are in bed if Kiera still isn't feeling well, or right after work if she's better. One way or another it will get done.

Haiden apparently loved school, which was a great relief to hear. She goes back again on Thursday for three hours, and I hope to take her and watch for awhile.

Training: none so far (GASP!)

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angie's pink fuzzy said...

Yay for Haiden! Ash did much better today, which was a relief.

Hope Kiera feels better soon - and I hope you get your training in!