Monday, February 06, 2006

So Here's the Plan

I thought laying out a rough draft of my Lydiard marathon plan for the June 4 San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon would make following what I'm trying to do a bit easier, so here's the short story.

7 weeks of conditioning: Pretty much 100 miles a week in singles, give or take 5, plus hopefully a few short evening runs. The typical week will look like this-
Monday-22-28 miles
Tuesday-10 miles
Wednesday-18 miles
Thursday-10 miles strong
Friday-16 miles hilly
Saturday-10 miles strong
Sunday-12 miles

The long runs will alternate in length for 7 weeks, something like 24, 24, 22, 28, 24, 22, 28 and the "strong" efforts are days when I hope to run close to marathon pace for part of the run. The hilly day will be...well, hilly of course

4 week hill phase: Mileage will drop a little, the hill circuit will be the same as last time, which was 4 circuits of 12-15 minutes of steep-hill running and bounding uphill for 3 minutes, running easily downhill, then doing sets of windsprints at the base of the hill. Two weeks will look like this-
Monday-22-28 miles
Tuesday-10 miles hills
Wednesday-1.5-2 hours
Thursday-10 miles hills
Friday-2 hours
Saturday-10 miles hills
Sunday-10x100 strides/windsprints

The second two weeks will each have a race on Saturday (a hilly 7 miler and a cross-country 5K) and an easy 1-1.5 hours Sunday instead of windsprints

6 weeks anaerobic and coordination phase and taper: Shorter timeframe for this, as I think I carried on with the hard stuff too long before my last marathon. The details of this phase are still forming but most weeks will consist of the following-
one 2 mile to 5K time trial
one longer marathon pace/tempo run (12-15 miles) or a race
one day of 50-sprint 50-floats or sprinting 100 every 200
one 2 hour plus long run

I'll also do one 20+ mile marathon pace run three weeks before the race, as well as a two week taper

Anyway, here's the outline, I'm planning on posting a word document of it all on a calendar if I can figure it all out. With all this said, today started rough, with Haiden suffering an earache all night. This meant 3 hours sleep tops, with Kiera in Haiden's bed, me on the couch, and Haiden on the floor next to our bed. Not sure how this happened. Anyway, after running so long yesterday and not sleeping I only ran 8 instead of 10, so with one day of the plan elapsed I'm already behind. Go figure.

Training: 8 miles, 58:12, 7:17 pace


Duncan Larkin said...

Mike, this is good stuff man. What you lay out on paper is one formidable mountain. I'm confident you can make the ascent, but I sense the 7 x 100 mile/weeks in singles will test you. I'm not sure how many of these you've done, but just doing 100 mile weeks in doubles was enough to make me want to roll back down the mountain. Regardless, it's seeing detailed plans like this that help me find my way in the dark. Thanks for sharing.

angie's pink fuzzy said...


Paul said...

If you get through this plan your next "Full Lydiard" will be doubly effective.

When you run the hills do you alternate bounding/springing/steep hill on the same pass, or do you keep to one form for each uphill rep?

Thomas said...

I just have to look at your plan to feel exhausted!