Friday, February 03, 2006

Some Questions...

After my last post about starting over, I've gotten some comments from The Last Runner, Duncan(now THAT's a haircut), Dallen, and Eric (who needs to update his blog-that cute new baby boy only works as an excuse for so long!!) about why I'm starting over with a full Lydiard cycle, why I'm not continuing to try to push my peak by doing shorter races and cultivating my speed while I'm in form, and why I'm planning to do longer long runs. I'm short on time, so I'll get to the first two questions today and think more about the last one before replying.

Why start over now? Lydiard believed that athletes could reach peak condition two times a year and I believe this. That being said, summer in Tucson means no racing so if I want to peak by June I need to get cracking. The spring schedule has four or five shorter races leading up to the Rock and Roll San Diego marathon June 4, and starting over now would get me to Lydiard's track/anaerobic training for those "warm-up" races.

Why not continue with speedwork for awhile and try to crank out more shorter PR's? Everyone is different. Lydiard realized this with his athletes and adapted their training accordingly. Some can peak for months on end with a steady dose of fast workouts, while others reach their peak faster and will burn out with too much fast stuff. Quite frankly I'm tired of the fast training right now, and while I PR'd at 10K last Sunday, I really feel I would have run faster if the race had been a few weeks earlier, when I was fresher. In hindsight, I think perhaps my anaerobic/track phase and coordination phases lasted a little too long, and Nobby is thinking the same thing might have happened, which is part of why I'm shortening those phases this time around. Besides, too much speedwork does tend to push me towards injury, as evidenced by the new neuroma and the adductor/groin pain that came on when I started speedwork for my last cycle. I'm no expert, but I am getting to know my body, and I can only keep up the fast stuff so long before injury becomes a real concern.

Again, I've never claimed to be an expert, at running or at following Lydiard. Still, I hope this plan will keep me healthy and injury-free. Also, I hope by going back to conditioning and hill-work that I can better execute the workouts the second time around. Time will tell.

Training: 10 miles, 1:11:37, 7:10 pace. HILLY run up into Sabino Canyon in the dark

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Duncan Larkin said...

Thanks Mike. Makes sense. Your comment about the higher potential for injury with more speed answers my question. Plus doing your conditioning near MP will ensure you don't lose too much fitness as you 'start' the cycle over again.